Nintendo beats itself – in terms of sales and profit. The game manufacturer has announced its latest business figures and was able to post a brilliant record. The Nintendo Switch in particular seems to be making a big contribution to its success.

Nintendo Switch

Top year for Nintendo: Switch manufacturer breaks sales records

The last financial year could hardly have gone better for Nintendo, this is shown by the company’s current financial figures. In the fiscal year 2021 Nintendo was able to earn the equivalent of 13.34 billion euros and thus its sales by a whopping 34.4 percent increase compared to the previous year. The last time they were so successful was in 2009.

But not only sales went through the roof, the operating result also followed suit with an increase of 81.8 percent. A similar success was also achieved in terms of net profit. This rose by 85.7 percent. But where does the sudden golden rain come from?

If you scroll a little further down, you will soon find the “culprit”: the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s hybrid console sold an impressive 28.83 million times in the past year. For comparison: in the previous year, only 21.03 million consoles were sold over the counter.

The number of additional consoles also affects game sales. These increase by the same amount from 168.72 million to 230.88 million units – Nintendo’s new gold donkey So it really pays off thanks to the corona pandemic.

Smaller, lighter, cheaper – is it worth buying the Nintendo Switch Lite? We’ll tell you in the video:

Normal Switch hardly available anymore: Nintendo has a plan

Nintendo certainly not only wants to repeat this success in the coming year, but also to expand it further. But the current hardware crisis could thwart the company’s plans. The normal Nintendo Switch is already sold out almost everywhere, only the lite version is still in stock at retailers.

According to the rumor mill, a successor to the Nintendo Switch will also appear this year. This “Switch Pro” could look like this:

According to insider reports, Nintendo is already in talks with other suppliers to further boost production of the Nintendo Switch. In the coming financial year you want 30 million consoles to sell. Whether this goal can be achieved remains to be seen – but currently the Nintendo Switch seems to be selling like hotcakes.