With the PS5, the release of the new Sony console is imminent: US gamers will hold the PlayStation 5 in their hands on November 12th. The new console will be launched in Germany on November 19th. The PS5 is the largest console in terms of its dimensions that Sony has designed so far. One of the reasons for this is a large radial fan that cools the PlayStation 5's mainboard from both sides. The case could have been even bigger, as Senior Art Director Yujin Morisawa reveals in a recent interview.

Compared to the Washington Post he said that at first he did not know what to expect. "But I knew that it would be bigger because I knew how much power the console would have," says the chief designer. In addition, the air circulation and the space for a heat sink had to be taken into account. His first drafts for the housing design were therefore larger than the final design. “However, I didn't know what the engineers would do with the size of the hardware installed. In the end, they said the design was too big,” adds Morisawa. Accordingly, he created further drafts – and designed a smaller design.

"After all, we wanted to make the console smaller, now it's the perfect size. If I had made it narrower, that would probably have had disadvantages in terms of air circulation. That would have only bothered the player," the designer continues. Sony grants a look inside the PS5 case in an extensive teardown video. In the clip, the publisher shows how easy it is to remove the console's faceplates. The PS5 (buy now ) comes on the market for 499 euros (Blu-ray model). The digital edition without a BD drive costs 399 euros.

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