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AMD: New graphics card drivers

AMD has released new graphics card drivers. The latest Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition has the number 21.4.1 according to the AMD notation. In contrast to the rest of the time, this time it is not explicitly about the support for very specific game titles, as the release notes show. The core are more AMD applications such as AMD-Link. With AMD-Link, games can be streamed in the network, but also over the Internet. It’s about playing and not just sending the video signal. It is also possible to receive the stream on a mobile phone or tablet with the AMD Link app. When playing with a local co-op mode, a friend can also join you on their own device with the help of the app and play along. When playing via stream over the Internet, your own Internet connection can of course spoil the fun, as many private Internet tariffs do not offer a particularly good upload. In the network or with a good internet connection, up to 144 FPS at 4K are now also possible.

Those who only want to stream or record their gaming as video should also have advantages with the driver update. The support of the AC1 codec is particularly helpful here, as the codec can be compressed very well and supported by the graphics card, which relieves the CPU. But there are other things, including easier ways to set the options for a stream appropriately. If you have more than one monitor, you can simply choose which of the monitor signals you want to stream or record. Incidentally, the CPU is now also taken into account during performance tuning, and with the AMD Crash Defender, AMD promises that the current Windows session will continue in some situations in which the PC normally crashes completely or reboots. The download size of the new AMD driver package is 460 megabytes, it is compatible with all Radeon graphics cards since the HD7700 series.

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