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Developer Ken Levine has been working on a new game for some time. And this is now in an advanced stage of development work.

In 2017 Ken Levine founded the development studio Ghost Story Gamesto create a new game together with a team consisting of former Bioshock developers. This is now relatively advanced.

A game in the style of Bioshock is coming

The project is a so-called "Immersive Sim". That means your actions in the game are not fixed. You use the environment and physics as you see fit. In this way you can find creative solutions for the problems the game poses to you yourself. The "Immersive Sim" genre includes, for example, Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Bioshock. And Ghost Story Games is currently developing such a game. The Unreal Engine should ensure good graphics.

A new job posting now shows that it is a science fiction scenario and that RPG elements are important. "We haven't released any details yet as we are in a later stage of production."

This means that the development is quite advanced but not so far that the developers are ready to reveal details about the game and show material from it. However, it shouldn't be that long before we find out more. Maybe the time will come next year and Ghost Story Games will show their new game at E3.

In any case, it seems that we can prepare for a kind of Bioshock-like game. A title that is based on Bioshock in terms of gameplay and is set in a science fiction scenario.

Source: PCGamer

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