The next version is a long time coming

from Andreas Bertits
With Anthem Next, a small team at Bioware is working on a new version of the online action game Anthem. However, it is now said that we can wait a long time for the release of this version because the work is still in an early stage.

Biowares online action game Anthem had no success. But neither publisher EA nor the developers want to give up the game and are currently working on a complete revision. Biowares Christian Dailey has now commented on this.

Anthem Next is a long time coming

According to Christian Dailey, the team has been working on a concept for Anthem since last year (buy now for 13.49 €) to make the game that fans want. To do this, the developers basically had to go back to the drawing board. The work started from scratch and prototypes were developed. According to Christian Dailey, a rather small team of 30 people is currently working on the new Anthem.

"It's going to be a long process. And yes, the team is small, but the whole point is that we take the time to go back to the drawing board. And a small team gives us the agility that a larger team can't afford "explains Christian Daily.

"We want to involve you on our way and be open and honest about where we are and what our expectations are. The reality is that you will see things that look fantastic, but that may be removed or you will see things of which you think we spend too much time on them – but in the spirit of experimentation, everything is fine. We really want to offer you the greatest possible transparency because of your passion and your interest in Anthem. But that brings with it to see how "the sausage is made", which is not always nice, by the way. "

This means that we cannot expect to be able to play the new Anthem in the near future.

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