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The Old God N'Zoth is the focus of WoW Patch 8.3, but there is also unexpected news from the Dark Coast. With the heroic war front, Blizzard unlocks a new quest for the alliance that clarifies the fate of the Kaldorei and the Dark Coast.

Tyrande's transformation and the Battle for the Dark Coast are among the most controversial stories from WoW: Battle for Azeroth. After the horde attacked Teldrassil, which claimed countless civilian casualties among the kaldorei, Tyrande turned from the bright side of the moon goddess Elune and entered the dark one Night Warrior's Path, A black moon rose over the dark coast, awakening the darkest instincts of the night elves.

After that there was no stopping. Although the Horde literally overran the Dark Coast, the surviving night elves bravely defied Sylvanas' minions. A large part followed Tyrande on the path of the night warrior and vowed eternal revenge on the Banshee Queen and her horde. Both sides suffered heavy casualties in the battle for the narrow stretch of land, and neither could predict who would win this bloody battle.

This uncertainty is now over! The night elves have officially won the battle for their destroyed home. At least that's what an in-game cinematic tells that will be played after the alliance wins. In this short video, Tyrande delivers a moving victory speech that makes the Kaldorei believe in a bright future again. Attention, the subsequent recording of the celebration still comes from the test server!

This cinematic is not new, after all, this cutscene has been around since the opening of the war front in Patch 8.1. However, the developers have so far held the video with the night elves' victory celebration for some unknown reason and only with WoW Patch 8.3 released.

This secrecy led to numerous, sometimes rabid discussions among WoW fans (buy now for € 31.95), since it is not clear for a long time which faction controls the Dark Coast after the Fourth War. With the Cinematic, Blizzard not only creates facts, but also runs a quest called A new hope free. This quest completes the Dark Coast story with the night elves' victory over the Horde forces. Since the Horde controls the Dark Coast this week, the alliance will only be allowed to play the quest after changing the ID.

Source: Vanion.eu / Wowhead

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