The Nintendo Podcast # 102: Mini-Direct and a big Nintendo leak!

Summary: You can hear that in the new episode!

After last week's special episode, there are lots of current topics to discuss this time! Nintendo has launched a new type of Mini Direct. The Nintendo annual report contains interesting facts and figures about the company. A big leak reveals a lot of exciting things about numerous SNES and N64 games. The next Sonic film already has a date. Pokémon Tekken DX is currently free for Switch online subscribers. Mario Kart Tour has received an important update. In addition, we of course have the most exciting new games for the Switch as well as numerous interesting contributions from the community – and much more!

Hear the new episode right here!

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All topics of the 102nd episode – timecodes

03:00 – Anniversary sweepstakes – the winners
07:40 – Games of the week (switch)
20:50 – Nintendo Direct Mini (July 2020)
32:30 – Interesting facts from the annual report
40:00 – Big Nintendo leak: SNES & N64
47:10 – New Sonic movie has date
51:20 – Pokémon Tekken DX currently free
55:40 – Mario Kart Tour with a big update
59:30 – Community: questions, feedback, more

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