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Even if most of the WoW Classic servers are still in motion, we have to note that a lot of players have given up their Classic careers since the launch. In some cases, guilds had to replace more than two thirds of their roster with new members last year. With Naxxramas and Phase 6 this development will intensify.

A few days ago I am on Reddit Stumbled upon a screenshot that touched me. In the picture there were 77 members of a WoW Classic guild who wanted to master all challenges together over a year ago. Today there are only 21 players left on the list. Everyone else has retired their Azeroth heroes over the past twelve months and had to be replaced by Classic offspring or survivors from other broken guilds.

Farewells are stupid!

I am touched because this is exactly what I have seen myself over and over again in online role-playing games over the past 16 years. Since the launch of WoW Classic, even more focused than in the previous decade, because the new Vanilla edition puts an enormous focus on the server community. That's actually really great and one of the biggest advantages of Classic. At times, however, it can also be frustrating when several important pillars of the guild declare within a few weeks that they want to give up their Classic career for a variety of reasons. Great people with whom you had spent an enormous amount of time in the past few months. If you master raids and dungeons together several times a week, farm, hunt allys, help the twinks or just philosophize about God and the world, then such farewells will not pass you by. Especially in a year like 2020, when you spend a lot of time in your own four walls due to the pandemic and programs like Discord or WoW represent an important connection to the outside world.

Naxx in view

With phase 6 and Naxxramas, the number of farewells will unfortunately increase noticeably. For many players it will be enough after defeating Kel'Thuzad once or twice. Others may notice that the farm effort for the final raid is too extreme for them, or they leave because the very friend who stopped WoW because of which they stayed on the ball for so long in the first place. There are many more reasons for leaving. But there are also reasons to stay: Clearing Naxxramas with the greatest players in the world, bagging the best pieces of equipment from the Classic era and then rocking Outland fully motivated in The Burning Crusade Classic – these are mine, for example. The good news: In the first expansion, the raid size is significantly smaller with 25 or 10 players. Farewells will also be part of the typical MMO everyday life in TBC … unfortunately.

If you look at your guild in WoW Classic: How many players were in the Molten Core tribe? How many have left Classic now? Tell me in the comments!

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