In Pokémon Go, the next Halloween event is coming up in September 2021. It’s not officially confirmed yet, but it’s as clear as dumpling broth, isn’t it? And what could be cooler for an event like this than the introduction of new Pokémon! After the October Community Day already comes up with twilight (for most a little … well, uninteresting), the hopes of the fans are on PoGo newcomers at the Halloween event. What Mon could there be?

Paragoni and Trombork

The above question has also been an author Kittypokemonsalot from Pokémon Go Hub and counts on the most obvious candidates: Paragoni and Trombork. Because the two can be discovered, one with a lot of imagination, the other quite obviously, on the Pokémon Go loading screen for the season of the joke.

The current loading screen of Pokémon Go for this season of the joke

The current loading screen of Pokémon Go for this season of the joke

What: Niantic

Panflam and Plinfa ride on Coiffwaff. Then comes Paragoni before Dedenne is at the top. Interesting: The shadow that Dedenne throws on the wall could actually stand for the horror tree Trombork. Paragoni and its development Trombork both come from Generation 6, which has been available in Pokémon Go for quite a while now. Speaking of which: what about Dedenne? Will the cute electronics store come into play with another autumn event?

Irrbis and Pumpdjinn

Irrbis and his Evolution Pumpdjinn are also 6th generation Pokémon, so the chances are not bad that they too could be part of a Halloween event. However, since the two cannot be seen on the new loading screen, the chances are possibly a little lower than with Paragoni and Trombork.

Zorua und Zoruark

The two dark Pokémon Zorua and Zoruark are part of the 5th generation of games and have long been expected by Pokémon fans. So far, however, the people at Niantic are still holding back the pocket monsters. Halloween 2020 was rather less exciting in Pokémon Go, apart from Galar-Makabaja, so it would be super cool if the developers dished out properly this time. Maybe with the new shiny?

Shiny Makabaja ..?

Makabaja, whether from Galar or not, can usually only be caught in Pokémon Go for Halloween. The creepy Mon, who wears a mask that is supposed to show his face when it was still human, may not be a particular player in the Pokémon Go metagame. But a shiny release from Galar-Makabaja, which actually could only be caught once, would be sweet. The same applies of course to his evolution Oghnatoll.

Or Shiny Skunkapuh?

Another candidate for a shiny release would be Skunkapuh and its further development Skuntank. It’s been a good while since the two pocket monsters from Generation 4 made their first appearance in Pokémon Go – and it is almost surprising that the pink shiny version is not yet available. For more pink stunky power!

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Darkrai was the focus of the developers of Pokémon Go at Halloween 2019 and 2020, and while Darkrai is still a powerful meta-Pokémon, it might be time for a little variety. Kittypokémonsalot suggests the introduction of Lunala (but it is only part of Generation 7, so it is relatively unlikely), and also that of Endynalos. The poison-dark dragon Endynalos might be a little more realistic, because it only came into the Pokédex with Generation 8 – and the developers of Niantic have recently experienced a true Gen 8 frenzy at Pokémon introductions.

Most possible, however, it seems that Yveltal can come back into the raids as a non-light flight type. It would just fit and would be a welcome replacement for Darkrai.

And what about Unleashed Hoopa?

Have you already wondered why you came across a banished Hoopa so early in the context of the seasonal special research Misunderstood Jokes? Not only did we ask ourselves this question and it was clear that the special research could be completed around Halloween time … with a secret price for the hardworking players? With a hoopa unleashed? Could be! But we’ll only find out when Halloween is celebrated in Pokémon Go, and that will probably last until October 24, 2021 …

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