Friday, July 30, 2021

The PlayStation 4 probably saved a girl's life

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Video games and consoles are often frowned upon, but one girl managed to escape her kidnapper with the help of a PlayStation 4, and so presumably saved her life.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4: contact with the outside world

In the midst of the ongoing global pandemic, the PlayStation 4 often allows its owners to keep in touch with friends, but recently it has demonstrated an invaluable benefit.

A young girl from Japan was kidnapped after the initial letter-friendship with the perpetrator had become unhealthy. The girl was kidnapped from school and had been missing for over a month until she managed to contact the outside world via the console.

The PlayStation 4 has helpful functions.

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A brave decision

According to Japanese media the girl made it with the PlayStation 4 of her kidnapper Send e-mails to the police via the integrated web browser. While it often doesn't seem useful to gamers due to its clunky user interface, this time around it helped save a life.

It is unclear whether she used a controller or operated the console by voice command, but in any case she did an impressive and courageous job. The police were able to save the girl. The kidnapper was arrested.

We wish the girl and her family a lot of strength to work through this event together.

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