The Pokémon also suffer from climate change

Even before Pokémon sword & shield, climate change has not stopped and has led to what is probably the saddest Galar form of a Pokémon – poor Corasonn.

Pokémon Sword & Shield contains a warning about what climate change is doing to the oceans and how the creatures of these seas are suffering. In the game itself, of course, the message is conveyed through a Pokémon, even if that happens in a very sad way.

Since Pokémon Gold & Silver, there is the Coral Pokémon Corasonn. The cute pink Pokémon is a water-rock type and even the Pokédex entries from the old games reveal that Corasonn can not survive in polluted water. Do not find clean waters to live, lose their color and degenerate.

The Corasonn of the Galar region has met a much worse fate. From the Merry pink coral of the type water-rock has become a pale spirit-Pokémon,

What you see there is the Pokédex entry from Pokémon Sword. In the entry of shield says, however, that a sudden climate change led to the pursuit of the normal Corasonn, Also the new development, Gorgasonn, is a bleached coral, which occupies all who touch it, with a petrification curse.

This is probably one of the saddest stories from Pokémon sword & shield, the tortured look of the two does the rest. Too bad that players are unable to save them.

Corasonn seems to be a coral, but more Pokémon find their role model in the real world:

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Who would have expected so much social criticism in a Pokémon game? What do you think about games picking up on such topics, especially considering the age ratings of Pokémon Sword & Shield?