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The MMORPG Temtem started on January 21st and has become a hit on Steam in just two days. Many are excited because the online game offers an experience that some Pokémon fans have wished for from the last Nintendo games.

Temtem hardly anyone had on the radar, but sometimes it is exactly these games that turn out to be a surprise success. The MMORPG, which started the early access phase on January 21st via Steam, is currently rated "very positive" and 84 percent despite a rough launch.

A successful MMORPG

The ratings show that Temtem is basically what some of Pokémon Sword and Shield wished for. You explore an island world, catch the Temtems there, train them, breed them and fight with the cute little animals. You will also complete quests, meet other players and experience adventures together. All of this is obviously great fun.

What many also like is that the developers are very committed and deal directly with problems and listen to the feedback from the players. There are some negative reviews, but these are mainly about the bumpy start on January 21st. Because there was a long queue and disconnects. Not everyone likes the graphic style with the pastel colors.

However, it can be seen from the reviews that those who like MMORPGs like Pokémon and sometimes turn a blind eye to an early access game can have a lot of fun with Temtem. If you want to play, you can buy the MMORPG on Steam for 30.99 euros.

Source: Steam

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