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The bug and flight weeks have broken out in Pokémon Go, at least if you look at the Pokémon that may appear at the end of a field research. Larvitar and Kaumalat are still exciting for meta-gamers. We have an overview for you of which pocket monsters you will get in March 2021 through field research and which of them, with luck, can also be shiny.

Anyone who is on the Shiny hunt in Pokémon Go not only grabs every Mon that appears in the wilderness at their feet or that spawns in a raid, but also takes field research with them from the PokéStops. Because a large part of the pocket monsters that are there as encounter rewards can land as Shiny in front of your Poké Ball.

In March 2021, the field research will mainly offer something for fans of Beetle and Flying Pokémon, such as the chance of a Shiny Yanma or a Shiny Ledyba. Interesting for the meta-players, however, are the tasks with which they can grab Kaumalat, Dratini or Larvitar and then develop them into Knakrack, Dragoran or Despotar.

Speaking of hard lettuce: The little dragon and ground gnome can also be found in March 2021 via the field research breakthrough. In this respect, doing field research is doubly worthwhile. We have here for you the current overview of the Pokémon that you can get from field research in March 2021. Which pocket monsters you can get hold of as Shiny with luck is also noted in it. There are also two field researches that bring you mega-energies, one for Mega-Bisaflor and Mega-Bibor, and one for Mega-Turtok. There are currently no others, but that can of course still change in the context of event tasks.

research reward Chance of Shiny
Catch 10 Pokémon Magikarp (water) Yes
Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather Boost Quapsel (water) or Vulpix (fire) Yes
Use 5 berries when catching Pokémon Hubelupf (plant / flight) No
Catch a Dragon-Type Pokémon Dratini (dragon) Yes
Catch 5 Pokémon Ledyba (beetle / flight) Yes
Catch 10 Beetle-Type Pokémon Yanma (beetle / flight) Yes
Develop a Pokémon Eevee (normal) or wobble (beetle) Yes
Get 3 great throws Nebulak (spirit / poison), anorith (rock / beetle) or lilyp (rock / plant) Yes
Land 3 fabulous throws in a row Hard lettuce (dragon / ground) Yes
Land 3 great throws in a row Onix (rock / soil) Yes
Land 5 great curve balls in a row Spinda (normal) Yes
Get 5 good throws Voltobal (electro) Yes
Level Pokémon 5 times Mega energies for Bisaflor or Bibor
Level Pokémon 5 times Bulbasaur (plant / poison), Schiggy (water) or Charmander (fire) Yes
Level Pokémon 10 times Mega energies for Turtok
Send 3 gifts Porygon (normal) Yes
Swap a Pokémon Swallow (normal / flight) No
Defeat 2 bully from Team Go Rocket Blanas (plant / dark) No
Win 1 raid Larvitar (rock / soil) Yes
Win 1 level 3 raid or higher Kabuto or Amonitas (both rock / water) Yes
Win 5 raids Aerodactyl (rock / flight) Yes
Earn 5 hearts with your buddy Piccolente (water / flight) No
AR mapping Dratini (dragon) or Panzaeron (steel / flight) Yes
Fight in the battle league Squeak (ice / floor) Yes
Take a snapshot of an Electric Pokémon Frizelbliz (electro) Yes
Use a smoke Alola-Sleima (poison / dark) Yes

We wish you a lot of fun hunting and doing field research.

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