The popular trailer becomes a film

A project by the noOne team shows that the world of Pokémon can not only be peaceful, colorful and cute. Pokémon Dark Edition features Pokémon trading, illegal battles, and a desperate father. The trailer was very well received by the community and now it's becoming a whole film.


Pokémon Dark Edition: what is it about?

The noOne team published a trailer for the Pokémon Dark Edition in November. The story in it is about the single father Ricky and his daughter. As a cop, he is investigating the case of Team Rocket, the Engages in illegal Pokémon trade and battles.

Boss Giovanni kidnaps his daughter to hinder Ricky's investigation. Due to his emotional connection to the case, the policeman is no longer allowed to work on it, but that does not prevent him from looking for his daughter and with his hedgehog avar to further determine independently. [/ embed]

When the CGI trailer came out, it was surprisingly well received. The community found this dark side of Pokémon interesting and wanted to see more of it. So far it was not certain whether this project would be continued, but now there is certainty. The noOne team would like to do the fans this favor.

Until the film comes out, you might be able to pass the time with this one.

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Pokémon – The Movie

Producers need your help

You can already see from the trailer how much work is behind it. Since such a production costs a lot of money, the NoOne team asks you for your help. Over a Kickstarter campaign you can support the team from now on. You will of course be rewarded for this, because depending on how much you contribute to the project, you will be mentioned in the credits, receive posters, characters, the film earlier than everyone else or even have a say in the production.

It remains to be seen when the necessary money will be raised and the project finalized. We will keep you up to date.

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