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Based on the experience from the beta server, you can already see which Mythic Plus affixes will be active together in Shadowlands. In the following table you will find the affix combos of the first five weeks and so you can prepare for the first M + challenges.

In WoW Shadowlands, Mythic-Plus will again play a major role in equipping the characters. In the first few weeks in particular, it will probably not be that easy to complete the highest M + levels in order to get the maximum reward from the weekly box.

With a little luck, however, the Mythic Plus dungeons of Shadowlands will be simplified by only keeping the less annoying Mythic Plus affixes active together. These affix combos have already been tested on the beta server for a few weeks:

The Season 1 Seasonal Affix, which becomes active from level +10, is Proud. A manifestation of pride appears every 20 percent of the trash counter. This mini boss casts an increasingly stronger AoE spell on the group and attacks you with another AoE effect, which does a lot of damage and stuns you for two seconds.

Are new to the affix rotation Defiant, Inspiring and Stormy. Defiant lets ghosts spawn from defeated mobs, who chase you and have to be controlled, but they lose eight percent of their life points every second. Inspiring is active on isolated mobs and reinforces enemies in the vicinity while Stormy repeatedly causing hurricanes to appear, which cause damage on contact.

In the first week, counter-healing against bursting is made more difficult for the healer if fellow players (especially close combatants are affected) are careless and of Stormy to be hit. Inspiring and Explosive in week 3 they don't look particularly difficult together, but if nasty mobs are still through Reinforced be buffed, it can be a challenge.


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