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From March 2nd you have the opportunity to celebrate the Princess Festival in Final Fantasy 14 again. The seasonal event is set to continue until March 16 and offer a host of new rewards.

The Princess Festival traditionally once again turns all small and large princesses into Final Fantasy 14 (buy now for € 7.90) celebrated. The event will take place again on Sunday, March 2nd, and as usual from Square Enix, we can look forward to a new quest series and also fresh rewards. If you want to participate, you have to travel to Ul'dah (Nald cloister X10.5 Y8.6) and accept the task "The day of the smile" from the royal servant. This year again there are some great rewards waiting for you:

  • Royal peach blossom jewelry (headgear)
  • Royal Servant Monocle (Headgear)
  • Far Eastern stage (house decoration)
  • Banner of the Princess Festival

Final Fantasy 14: From March 2nd it's time for the Princess Festival again (2)

Final Fantasy 14: From March 2nd it's time for the Princess Festival again (2)

Source: Square Enix

Rewards from previous years can also be purchased from a special dealer. You can find more about the event in the official announcement,

Of course we are also looking forward to your opinion. Are you looking forward to the event? What is your favorite event in Final Fantasy 14? Let us know in the comments.

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