The PS5 displaces all other consoles from your closet

Image source: Sony, Nintendo.

The "console war" will continue with the release of the PS5, on the closet in your home. A very clear and particularly pretty illustration now shows why.

PlayStation 5

The PS5 makes your consoles special competition

It is now widely known that the PlayStation 5 will become a huge flagship. How big exactly the next-gen, especially in the Compared to your existing console repertoire will shows a Artist on Twitter. He has placed the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5 on a cabinet in a very nice illustration.

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And it will damn tight on the console cabinet:

In the drawing you can see a flat screen TV and in addition to all the consoles Size information. This quickly makes it clear that the PS5 displaces the competition from the living room cabinet both in the standing and lying position.

Out different angles the individual proportions are reproduced true to scale. On top of that, the artist has cute ones Halloween decorations conjured up in the picture and shows great attention to detail. Also one cat is part of the game when you look through the many pictures of the Twitter threads click, you can discover them too.

Check out how gamers envisioned the PlayStation 5 before the design was officially revealed by Sony:

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PlayStation 5 design, appearance and images: fan designs versus reality

Do you have further questions about the upcoming console? In our practical overview you will find all information about the price, release and design of the PS5. For great fun until the PS5 appears, you can use the PS store drop by. A total of 23 PS4 games also get a free PS5 upgrade, so it's worth accessing:

Should you have puzzled so far whether and how PlayStation 5 fits into your gaming domicile, you now have a nice illustration to prepare space on the cabinet. At the November 19th the time has come and the console celebrates its release. Or are you toying with the Xbox Series X? This can then from November 10th decorate your console corner.