Saturday, April 10, 2021

The PS5 has already won the meme game

On Thursday it was finally time, Sony revealed the appearance of the PS5, including a few of the upcoming games. The design of Sony's contribution to the next generation of consoles led to very funny associations among many viewers.

Sony finally revealed in a livestream the look of the PS5 and it spurred the imagination of many viewers. Sure, things like the game lineup or the price are important. But the console's design is used more in memes. Apparently Sony has created a product that works as a hat, jacket, building or coffee machine – someone should try to imitate it first.

Maybe the memes not quite the social media hype that the marketing department at Sony had hoped for. You can't change that anymore. With more or less good Photoshop skills, users have already enjoyed themselves on Twitter. Here are a few highlights from the "PS5 Memes" category:

Whether as an overpriced campus for art students, papal headgear or as a router from 2003, the PS5 cuts a fantastic figure everywhere and is versatile and changeable. Only BossLogic has a serious contribution to the look of the PS5 and it actually looks really chic.

What do you think of the design of the PS5? Write it in the comments.