Nike continues:

Paul George has been a PlayStation fanatic since childhood, and his ongoing collaboration with the beloved gaming brand now extends to his latest signature, the PG 5. The white and black upper of the sneaker is directly inspired by the sleek design of the PlayStation5, with gray and blue accents that match the coveted console. The graphics on the forefoot bands and heel overlay are based on the iconic PlayStation symbols as seen on the DualSense Wireless Controller for the PS5 ™ console.

The expected white and blue shoes from Nike go by the name of PG5 x PS5 (buy now ) and will be available from May 27th, 2021. Two designs are to be offered; one with more blue, one more white. From the side, the branding with PS5 is not very noticeable but clearly visible on the tabs. The white (ere) model also has the more conspicuous Nike “Swoosh”. A PS5 logo can be seen from behind. The price is $ 120 according to the website.

Most interested parties are likely to see the shoes as an investment, which regular wearers usually quickly rule out. The market with scarce sneakers is suffering from private resellers who want to take a single profit and of course professional scalpers as well. Then there are the investors who will closely accompany the start of sales.

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