A couple of fans discovered a slot on the PlayStation 5 that they couldn't classify. After much speculation, the solution has now been found.

PlayStation 5

PS5: A mysterious slot

Fans are very much looking forward to the PlayStation 5 and are therefore studying the previously published images of the console very carefully. They made a discovery during the recent PS5 event. In addition to the usual slots for power, Internet and USB there is another slot on the back, but nobody knew exactly what it was for.

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PS5: There were some theories

There was a lot of speculation about the slot online. Some thought it might be a PSVR 2 connector. That would at least coincide with the statements by Sony that the console would support VR. Others thought it was a diagnostic connector that Sony employees use. Still others could imagine that it was a Kensington lock. A lock for theft protection of mobile devices such as notebooks, video projectors and flat screens and there we have our winner.

According to the website, Sony has the slot at the top of the console Notebookcheck actually installed a Kensington lock. This should be the device probably protect against theft, it could also prevent unauthorized persons from opening the housing. Looks like Sony has been concerned.

Jasmin Peukert
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