The real console highlight is not on the screen

When you think of the new consoles, you have the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in mind. No wonder, after all, these are the two consoles that fans have been expecting the most. But in my opinion, hardly anyone has the real console highlight of the new generation on their screen – a comment.

PlayStation 5

Xbox Series S: The "ugly duckling" of the new consoles

Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 won't be launched for a month, but they are already now completely sold out. You cannot place a pre-order in any online shop – and even in retail the chances of getting hold of a console on the day of publication are slim.

Only one of the next-gen consoles can currently be pre-ordered without any problems because hardly anyone is interested in it: the Xbox Series S. Even though, in my opinion, the console is the most interesting and promising device of the new generation. But what am I so fascinated by Microsoft's "light version" of the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series S greatest strength is you fabulous value for money. While I have to shell out a whopping 500 euros for the Xbox Series X and the disc version of the PlayStation 5, with the Xbox Series S I get a next-gen console at a budget price. You can currently get them for a cheap 291 euros – almost half the price compared to their “big brother” and the competition from Sony.

Sure, the Xbox Series S cannot keep up with the Series X in terms of performance – especially when it comes to graphics power. Nevertheless, Microsoft relies on a lightning-fast SSD, ray tracing and support of 120 Hz for the “good and cheap” model. All other important functions of the Xbox Series X can also be found in the Series S. So if you can do without your games flickering in native 4K on the TV, he can save a lot of money with the Xbox Series S.

For casual gamers who do not have to play everything directly to the release, the console is even twice as interesting. Because thanks to that Xbox Game Pass for 9.99 euros a month you get access to over 100 different games in one go. You probably have enough to play with for a while. And since the offer in the Game Pass is updated at regular intervals, you don't run the risk of having actually played through everything at some point.

Slim and elegant: the Xbox Series S is a beauty

But in my opinion, the Xbox Series S cannot completely convince on the data sheet. The body of the next-gen console, which is spurned by many, is also really impressive. While the Xbox Series X seems quite practical due to its angular design and fits in almost every living room cabinet in the world, the design of the PlayStation 5 is completely lifted in my opinion.

The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is not only significantly smaller than the other two models, but thanks to the large “radiator grille” on the side of the console almost looks like a stylized loudspeaker – simple, timeless, chic!

But I admit: It's a matter of taste. There are probably a lot of people who loathe the design of the Xbox Series S. I, however, think it's absolutely brilliant!

Also available for the Xbox Series S – you can look forward to these games right from the start:

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With the Xbox Series S, Microsoft not only offers the cheapest entry into the new generation of consoles, but also has the most beautiful console up its sleeve in my opinion. But even though I see the Xbox Series S as the most promising console of the new generation, the PlayStation 5 will be back in my living room in the end – at least initially. Maybe at some point the trend will be towards a second console – and if so, then it will definitely be the Xbox Series S.

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Robert Kohlick
Robert Kohlick, GIGA expert for gaming hardware, PCs and laptops.

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