Update 6.2.1 should have arrived on the live servers of Star Wars: The Old Republic a while ago. But a snowstorm in Austin, Texas, where the development studio of the online role-playing game is based, delayed final work on the patch in mid-February 2021. But now the team at BioWare has announced the final release date for the update – and fans don't have to wait long.

Update 6.2.1 for SWTOR (buy now ) will be released tomorrow, March 2nd, 2021. The patch contains various detailed improvements and adjustments to the uprisings and conquests. Among other things, the developers have raised the level requirement for insurrections to level 75 and adjusted the level of difficulty balancing. In addition, fans can look forward to changes to the amplifier interface.

Here are the full original patch notes again:


Various changes have been made to "Insurrection". The aim of these changes is to provide a more balanced gaming experience:

  • Players can no longer complete "uprisings" at level 70, but only at level 75.
  • Story and Veteran modes are still available at level 70. However, level 75 is required for Master Mode.
  • The difficulty has been rebalanced as has the time to complete. Furthermore, all loot drops have been enlarged.


The amplifier surface has been restructured to make it easier to distinguish between amplifiers. Along with these changes, we've introduced quality locks and a weekly cost reset to increase the player's chances of receiving enhancements. More information about the changes can be found here: Game Update 6.2.1 introduces amplifier changes!

Ranked PvP Season 13

Ranked PvP Season 13 has ended. New rewards can be found at Giradda the Hutt on the Fleet, and players will receive rewards based on their highest ranked rank when Season 14 kicks off later this spring!


Changes have been made to conquests to ensure challenging and fair competition. Players added to a guild will no longer be able to make guild contributions until the end of the conquest event they were invited to. For more information, see the "Conquest" section.


A camera shake slider has been added that allows players to reduce or turn off camera shake in-game.

  • If the camera shake is deactivated, players will not feel any rocket impacts in space battles.

  • The game's intro videos and logos have been updated! The "Automatically skip movies" setting has been reset so that every player can see it at least once. However, the option is still available after the first login after the patch.
  • Satele Shan's Companion Biography now displays the correct picture and her bio instead of Voss' picture and Revan's biography.
  • The description of the Nautolan activation now correctly mentions that items in the head slot are hidden for Nautolans.
  • The Daily Login screen will now open with the oldest collectable reward.
  • The waving emote will now display correctly with two lightsabers or two vibrating swords.
  • The emote / praise now plays one speaker line per class as intended.
  • Opening other windows while the emote window is open no longer turns the latter black.
  • The following emotes now have the text-only icon as intended:
    • /moan
    • /angry
    • /make fun
    • /mourn
    • /praise
  • The following non-looping emotes are no longer marked as looping:
    • Air drum
    • Backflip
    • Dud
    • Waving
    • Handstand with hoe
    • Offend
    • Doze off
    • Bump
    • Cheek
    • Split jump
  • Emotes are now properly unlocked as soon as they are unlocked in the Emote window.
  • The Grooving and Hopping emotes are now available as a preview.
  • The context menus have been updated. Right-clicking on a name or portrait now gives reliable access to reports of spam or toxicity.
  • The spam check of the mail system has been improved.
  • Rakghoul Merchant Jeelvic now properly trades in rakghoul DNA canisters.
  • The set hotkey now activates the correct emote.
  • The Legacy Perk "Rocket Boost" is no longer automatically activated when transitioning to a new zone or when a character is logged in.
  • Republic characters will now properly progress on Tactical Spoils of War achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where the spoils of war vendor would offer blank unidentified booklets or runs if the buying player couldn't use them.
  • Fixed an issue where the 9th Anniversary Dealer on the Imperial and Republic fleets was tagged with the word "Undefined" in German and French.
  • The preview window now clearly shows the trophy decorations for bosses in Flashpoints and Operations.
  • Pressing the Enter key in chat no longer resets the GHN results to the first page.
  • The "Comment" menu in the Who window is no longer called up by pressing the space bar.
  • Onslaught World Boss Loot on the following planets now contains Tech Fragments:
    • Quesh
    • Taris
    • Hoth
    • Belsavis
    • Voss
  • Fixed an issue where when looking at another player in the background of the character window, their stats would appear.
  • The active tab of the Preferences window is no longer reset when the window is closed and reopened.
  • A typo in the guild cargo ramp message has been fixed.
  • Fortress title and conquest popups now properly fade after some time.
  • The following problem was fixed in a hotfix released on December 21:
    • Players no longer get stuck in quick play mode.
  • The anniversary offer for the Dromund Kaas and Coruscant fortresses has expired; they are now available again at their original price.

  • The following problem was fixed in a hotfix released on December 17th:
    • Ultimate Cartel Packs no longer contain malfunctioning Sienar Drexl transportation.
  • The silver decoration package no longer contains the bronze bounty table decoration. This should now only be included in the bronze decoration package.
  • The following emotes have been added back to the cartel market:
    • / dance1
    • / dance3
    • / holo-tires
    • / joy of victory
    • / chair 9
    • / warm hands

Objects and economy

  • Amplifiers are now divided into 5 quality groups and the "Standard (White)" quality has been added.
  • Lower secondary hands no longer have amplifiers as intended.
  • Amplifier symbols in tooltips now have the corresponding quality color.
  • Jori Daragon's gauntlets are no longer black when equipped with Female Build 1.
  • "Minor Chaos Success Boost" has been renamed "Chaos Success Boost".
  • The name of the amplifier "Efficient Synth Manufacturing" has been changed to "Synth Manufacturing Efficiency" for reasons of consistency.
  • The floating disk of all Kartell Skiff decorations will now properly float over the decorations.
  • Clicking on the festive fireworks backpack in the collection window now correctly opens the object window.
  • The following items from the Anniversary Dealer can now be correctly unlocked in collections:
    • Jawa celebration
    • Celebratory fireworks package
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong payday blaster sound effect.
  • The following wall decorations are no longer too far away from the wall:
    • Hanging banner of the bombastic Bek
    • Box screechers hanging banner
    • Skyblades hanging banner
    • Fan poster of the bombastic Bek
    • Box screechers fan poster
    • Skyblades fan poster
  • The following lightsabers now properly shed light on characters:
    • Lightsaber of the redeemed Revan
    • Lightsaber of the Fallen Revan
  • The Heroic Defender's double sword is no longer misaligned.
  • For the following means of transport, the mention of the knockdown protection in the tooltip has been removed because this protection is no longer available in the game:
    • Czerka desert special model
    • Czerka troublemaker
    • Gurian blaster bolts
    • Gurian cyclone
    • Gurian dune hopper
    • Gurian emerald
    • Gurian hammer
    • Gurian lightning bolt
    • Gurian rose
    • Gurian-Royal
    • Gurian scorpion
    • Gurian shadow
    • Gurian Star Fire
    • Gurian storm
    • Gurian tornado
    • Gurian volcano
    • Kalakar fighter-bomber simulator
    • Long-track burner
    • Long-track pioneer
    • Longspur ranger
    • Longspur reconnaissance aircraft
    • Longspur STAP
    • Rark spendthrift
    • Rark marathon
    • Rark sprinter
    • Rark Springer
    • Rendili fireball
    • Rendili pioneer
    • Rendili shadow
    • Rendili-Solar
    • Rendili storm light
    • Terrain STAP
    • Ubrikkian hunters
    • Ubrikkian robbers
    • Ubrikkian war rider
  • The Exarch's MK-1 lightsaber is now properly listed in the GHN's lightsaber sub-category.
  • The following currencies have been converted into legacy currencies:
    • Ziost holosave
    • Golden Certificate
    • Cartel Market Certificate
    • Eternal Championship Trophy
  • The following armor sets no longer have a metallic armor sound when jumping, running and falling.
    • Outlaw winter armor set
    • Laboratory technician armor set
    • Jedi Knight armor set from Revan
  • The sound effect of the forge tool cabinet has been adjusted to match the visual effect.
  • The item names are now displayed in the Collection Purchase window.
  • If you click on the Buy button to unlock the galvanized infantry armor set for the entire account, it will now open correctly.
  • The following objects should now appear in the correct subcategories of the GHN:
    • Blueprint: Weapons Tactical Item 1
    • Schematic: Artisan Tactic Item 1 & 2
    • Schematic: Cybertech Tactical Item 1 & 2
    • Blueprint: Biochemistry Tactic Item 1 & 2
    • Schematic: Synth Fabrication 1 & 2 (Body)
    • Schematic: Synth Fabrication 1 & 2 (Legs)
  • The "Examine Item" window of the casual vandal armor set now opens correctly when the player selects it from the collections.
  • The "Examine Item" window of the adolescent Zakkeg now opens correctly when the player selects him from the collections.
  • Tau Idair's lightsaber now has an icon in the Companion Window.
  • The storefront artwork for the advanced white and black and white crystal has been updated.
  • The ceiling rocket display Flashpoint decoration no longer drops from a silver decoration package, but as intended by Goldie or the decoration box of the Spirit of Vengeance.
  • The following obsolete crafting materials have been removed from login rewards and now state that they are no longer used and should be sold to a vendor:
    • T'pala paste
    • Derma seal
    • Biobakta tank
    • Narcotic mist
  • The Crate of Claimed Login Rewards will now bind to the character upon receipt. To transfer claimed rewards to a Legacy, players must open the crate and claim its contents.
  • Stims received as registration rewards are now gradually scalable.
  • Several exclusive colors have been added to Kai Zykken's Dye Pouches as login rewards.
  • Jumping on the rombuk mount no longer causes a visual problem.


  • The game no longer freezes when changing crew members in the crew skills window.

Classes and struggle

Jedi ambassadors


  • When a Jedi Scholar uses the Force Barrier ability, poison and bleeding effects are now removed, not just bleeding effects.

Sith inquisitor


  • Theron Shan no longer gets up from the dead to complain when he's had a romance with Khem Val in Unsaid Things.


  • When a Sith Sorcerer uses the Force Barrier ability, poison and bleeding effects are now removed, not just bleeding effects.



  • Corso Riggs has traded his Trickster's Silver Tongue Blaster for a Glowing Blaster Pistol.


Gunslingers tactical items

Bad fighter

Tactical items from nasty fighter gunslingers

  • The explosion of the "UV Blast" tactical item now properly benefits from damage boosters like "Regular Intensity" and Tech Wizardry or talents like "Consuming Microbes".


Villain Tactical Items

  • "Catalyzed Toxins" effect now properly benefits from "Down to business" and any damage boosters that deal damage over time.

Imperial agent



Toxicity Sniper Tactical Items

  • The explosion of the "UV Blast" tactical item now properly benefits from damage boosters like "Regular Intensity" and Tech Wizardry or talents like "Consuming Microbes".


Tactical items used by saboteurs


Lethal Saboteur Tactical Items

  • "Catalyzed Toxins" effect now properly benefits from "Enhanced Poisons" and any damage boosters that deal damage over time.

Bounty hunter


  • The ability "Thermal Sensor Override" now properly triggers the cooldown reduction through speed.



  • The "Reserve Energy Cell" ability now properly triggers the cooldown reduction from "Swiftness".

Front fighters

Frontline fighter set bonuses

  • The "Guard Cannon" function is now correctly assigned to the veteran ranger set bonus for the frontline fighter.
  • The front fighter's ion fall buff from the Meteor set bonus no longer lasts for 20 seconds, but instead lasts for 15 seconds as intended.


Treason among the Chiss

  • The mission name "(VETERAN) Treason among the Chiss" is now correctly displayed on the mission terminal and in the mission log.

The hammer station

  • Enemies hit by edges now properly die in The Hammer Station Flashpoint.

Kuat Drive Yards

  • Enemies hit by edges in the Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint now properly die.

Meridian target

  • The (Weekly) Flashpoint Mission in Veteran and Master mode is now granted automatically when players accept or enter the Flashpoint "Meridian Target".
  • The intro video of the Flashpoint "Meridian Target" in single player mode now starts correctly.

Taral V

  • Players no longer remain in combat after the travel sequence in Flashpoint "Taral V" (veteran and master mode).

The wrong emperor

The boxes with dropped grenades have been removed from the story mode of the Flashpoint "The False Emperor".

The factory

Players no longer respawn outside the combat area if they die on the last boss of the Flashpoint "The Factory".

The Spirit of Vengeance

  • The loading screen text for the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance" has been updated.
  • The (Weekly) Flashpoint Mission in Veteran and Master mode is now granted automatically when players accept or enter the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • Players are no longer stuck on the Seeker's Vigil after fighting Troya Ajak in the single player / story mode of the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Mandalorian fighters was firing an invisible rifle in one of the cutscenes from The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint.
  • Ash'ad snipers no longer prevent players from advancing on the boss due to the incorrect continuation of the fight in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • Rass Ordo now properly has Level 25 Influence when joining players in the Single Player / Story Mode of The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint.
  • The Nautolaner dancers in Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance" no longer have a male voice.
  • The jump puzzle of the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance" has been adjusted in some difficulty modes.
  • Bask Sunn no longer uses "Nimble Onslaught" in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance" against neutralized players.
  • Bask Sunn's concentration buff now has a description in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Bask Sunn to have an invisible buff in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.
  • The cargo list is now properly marked when moving the cursor over it in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.
  • Goldie no longer switches to combat mode in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance" if she is still in the cage.
  • Goldie will now reset if she is too far from her combat area in the veteran mode of the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.
  • Characters no longer slide / fall through the ship in the second video sequence of the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • NPCs in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint are now correctly synchronized with the level of the flashpoint.
  • Bask Sunn's and Heta Kol's corpses now properly disappear after their abandoned version appears in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • Rass Ordos equipment now has appropriate icons in the Companion Window.
  • Players can no longer leave the fighting room when fighting Troya Ajak in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.
  • Players will no longer receive the codex entry "Mavrix-Varad" if the entry "Varad-Clan" was already activated when Gora Brak was killed in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • Mandalorian propaganda posters now use the correct symbol in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.
  • Players with an iRating below 268 will no longer receive set bonuses and tactical items in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance" from boss drops as intended.
  • There is now a new arrival sequence in the Flashpoint "The Champion's Glory – Enter thrower" between "The Champion's Glory – Enter thrower" and "Fortune's Folly – Drive deck".
  • A typo has been corrected in the diary description of the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance".
  • Ash'ad snipers now properly lose their buff when leaving cover in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.
  • Golga Brak's "Energized Suckling" ability now has a tooltip in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.
  • Golga Brak no longer interrupts his fully automatic ability in the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance", unless the player aborts "Electrified Saddling" prematurely.
  • Heta Kol from the Flashpoint "The Spirit of Vengeance" no longer has an invisible buff.
  • A description has been added to the hold back buff used by Bask Sunn in the "The Spirit of Vengeance" flashpoint.

The nature of progress

  • The CI-M Synapse Accelerator Serum effect now properly prevents the battery tray from being puffed by anti-theft droids in Master Mode of Operation "The Nature of Progress".
  • Theft deterrent droids are now immune to area of ​​effect and single target taunt in Master Mode of Operation "The Nature of Progress" for 8/16 players.
  • Empty batteries will no longer explode when charged by absorbing a pool of energy in the Master Mode of Operation "The Nature of Progress".
  • The Apex Vanguard's mass targeting is now properly removed by the damage pulse from an overcharged battery in Master Mode of Operation "The Nature of Progress".
  • The duration of the Brittle Debuff is now correctly displayed in the tooltip when used in the "The Nature of Progress" operation.


  • The message sanctioned players receive now correctly states that their bans will apply to all PvP (Ranked, Normal, and Galactic Starfighter) activities.
  • If a player cannot join ranked PvP due to a ban, he is also banned from normal PvP mode.
  • If a tank / healer is waiting in the single player ranking queue, it will no longer be used as a substitute for a PLC character to fill the group if a PLC character declines or leaves a match.
  • The active PvP preseason is now also displayed correctly in the German version.
  • RPM-13 is no longer included in the Daily or Weekly Ranked Warzone Single Player Safe Box. RPM-13 is still available via the group ranking list.

Corellia Square

  • Force Incursion and similar abilities should no longer unexpectedly kill the player in the Corellia Square Warzone Arena.

Mandalorian fighting ring

  • The terrain under the starting area on one side of the Mandalorian Battle Ring arena has been adjusted to prevent players who jump down at the beginning of the round from dying.



  • Opponents can no longer go through closed gates in the uprising "Splintered".
  • The fight against Lord Anril and Korven is no longer reset in the "Splintered" uprising.

  • Updated the loading screen text for the Echoes of Oblivion mission.
  • Heroic Moment abilities can no longer be used if there is not enough space on the temporary ability bar when fighting the Emperor in the mission "Echoes of Oblivion".
  • The camera no longer trembles in the cutscene of the phase "Defeat the Emperor" of the mission "Echoes of Oblivion".
  • Satele Shan now has her lightsaber when she encounters the Emperor in the mission "Echoes of Oblivion".
  • As long as Revan is a companion in the mission "Echoes of Oblivion", his Force Storm ability no longer appears as it would cause damage to the player.
  • Satele Shan's single-target heal is now correctly labeled and correctly described as "Inner Peace" in the Echoes of Oblivion mission.
  • Satele Shan now properly heals all of her health after changing roles when called as a companion in the mission "Echoes of Oblivion".
  • Satele Shan and Revan as guests in the mission "Echoes of Oblivion" now properly have influence level 25.
  • Smuggler characters now correctly say the correct text when talking to the heirs during the "Talk to Minazar" phase of the "Echoes of Oblivion" mission.
  • Tenebrae now correctly appears at level 75 in the "Confront the Emperor" phase of the Echoes of Oblivion mission.
  • The interaction with Satele Shan in the "Defeat Valkorion" phase of the mission "Echoes of Oblivion" no longer triggers the cutscene from the previous phase.
  • Players can no longer summon companions who should not be available in the "Open the Temple" phase of the mission "Echoes of Oblivion".
  • If the player was previously in a romance with Lana Beniko or Theron Shan, they will not wear their helmet during the romantic scene in the "Meet Lana Beniko" phase of the mission "Echoes of Oblivion".
  • Lord Tagriss' weapon now has its visual effect in the mission "Republican Raid on the Arcanum".
  • Mission displays in the Imperial Agent's "Defender of the Empire" story mission are now displayed correctly.
  • The map display for the "Den of Thieves" mission is now correctly displayed for troopers on Balmorra.
  • The following issues with the Pirate Justice bonus chain mission on Taris have been fixed for Republic characters.
  • The mission description now correctly shows the starting point in Olaris.
  • The second and last parts of the mission now have the correct description in the mission log.
  • The second and the last part of the mission will now be scaled correctly.
  • The mission "Rescue Impossible" for Republic characters on Taris now has the correct description in the mission log.
  • The old droids now properly appear in the Imperial Conversion Catalyst mission on Belsavis.
  • The following issues have been resolved in the Legacy of Death Republic mission on Taris:
  • The mission is no longer shown as a scouting mission, but rather as a standard mission as intended.
  • The client NPC, Doctor Synoda, has been relocated to his designated position near the taxi rank at Aurek Waypoint Station.
  • The following issues have been addressed in the Republic Prison Scars mission on Belsavis:
  • Esh-kha NPCs now properly qualify for the "Defeat Esh-Kha Forces" phase.
  • Esh-kha NPCs will now appear on the map.
  • The return to phase entrance and the corresponding map display now appear as intended in the following missions:
  • "The Archive" on Taris (Republic)
  • "The Skorpio Sanctions" on Belsavis (Imperial Agent)
  • "The Separatist Fortress" on Ord Mantell (Trooper)
  • "Hit where it hurts" on Ord Mantell (smuggler)
  • "Brotherhood" on Hoth (smuggler)
  • "Divided Loyalty" on Hoth (smuggler)
  • Commander Naughlen's hologram is now correctly aligned with the holo projector in the "Investigate Halidrell Setsyn's corpse" phase of the Sith warrior's "Emergency Call" class mission.
  • Guardian 2's hologram is now correctly aligned with the holo projector in the "Talk to Guardian 2" phase of the Imperial agent's "Liquidation" class mission.
  • The camera now has the correct position in the "Talk to Samara Mindak" phase of the "Noble Society" class mission of the Imperial agent.
  • The sound effect of Tenebre's "The Will of the Emperor" ability now properly ends with the ability itself.
  • In the mission log, a typo in the description of the phase "eject the escape pods" of the mission "Tenebre's last weapon" has been corrected.
  • Guest players no longer have their own followers in the final phase of Tenebrae's Last Weapon.
  • NPCs no longer balance on the hangar deck railings of Satele's ship in Tenebrae's Last Weapon.
  • The mission requirement "(Heroes2 +) Observer" is no longer available for the Imperial achievement "Hero of Makeb".
  • The characters' mouths are now better synchronized in the German and French cutscenes of the mission "Meeting with Jekiah Ordo".
  • The cutscene of the phase "Finding the underworld contact and talking to him" of the bounty contract on Dromund Kaas now starts correctly.
  • The fog in Chapter V: From the grave is no longer reddish brown.
  • The Dar'manda challengers no longer respawn after being defeated in the Wanted and Dangerous Hero mission.
  • The Republican bonus series "Securing Progress" on Alderaan will no longer be blocked if the following missions have been completed beforehand:


Arms delivery

A spy in the Organa house

  • The engines in the mission "(Heroes 2+) Trim Wings" are now properly deactivated after the player has interacted with them for the first time.
  • The "Veil of Memory" mission is now correctly displayed in the Galactic Guide.
  • Reputation rewards have been added to the following missions:
    • Operation Midnight Freedom
    • Operation Searing Light
    • Operation Nobles Gambit
    • Operation Flame Wave
    • Operation Cyclone of Fame
    • Operation hit zero
    • Operation Great Nova
    • Operation Silent Roar
    • Operation echo quake
    • Operation Eternal Realm
    • Operation melt splinter
    • Operation Storm of Wrath
    • Operation Far-reaching threat
    • Operation Mad Morning

Festival of Prosperity

  • The missing word in the conversation line with the Mek-Sha cook in the story mission "A hint of friendliness" has been added.
  • The escaped Nexu no longer behaves incorrectly in the ingredient procurement mission of the event "Festival of Prosperity" in the Coronet Zoo.
  • If the channeling of "Meditative Saturation" is canceled, the animation now stops as intended.

Feast of life

  • Snow-covered packages in the Guild or Legacy Bank will now properly convert to currency as intended.

Nar Shaddaa night life

  • Temporary abilities for the following missions are now removed after they are completed:
    • "Boss says should blow you away"
    • "Data-driven services"
  • Players in the vicinity of other players playing slot machines as part of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event will no longer receive reports.

Rakghoul resurgence

  • A purchasable rakghoul antibody dispersion droid has been added to rakghoul merchant Jeelvic. This ability grants nearby players and group members immunity to the rakghoul plague for 6 hours. Legendary reputation with DHORN is required to purchase the droid, and it costs:
    • 50 rakghoul DNA canisters
    • 4 exotic specimens of the disease
    • 1 symbiotic mushroom flower
    • 1 Sticky Sucker of the Eyeless

Relics of the Gree

  • The "Blueprint: Crystal of Nightmare Frenzy" from the merchant rewards of the Gree event now has a tooltip menu and shows the currency required for the purchase.

  • Beim Eintritt in eine Gilde erhalten neue Gildenmitglieder bis zur nächsten Zurücksetzung von "Eroberung" keine Gilden-Eroberungspunkte, Gilden-EP, Invasionsbelohnungen und Eroberungserfolge mehr.
    • Beispiel: Tritt ein Spieler einer Gilde am Freitag bei, kann er bis zum nächsten Eroberung-Event (am folgenden Dienstag um 13 Uhr MEZ) keine Gildenpunkte und -EP beitragen.
  • Neu gebildete Gilden können bis zum nächsten Eroberung-Event keine Eroberungspunkte und Gilden-EP sammeln.
  • Aufgrund dieser Änderungen an den Gilden-Eroberungen werden die Auszeichnungsbelohnungen für Invasionen am Ende der aktiven Eroberung abgestimmt und zu Beginn des nächsten Eroberung-Events gewährt.
  • Wird ein Spieler aus der Gilde entfernt, werden auch seine Beiträge aus der Gilde entfernt. Beschließt ein Spieler, die Gilde aus freien Stücken zu verlassen, fließen seine Beiträge auch weiterhin in die Gilde ein.
  • Folgende Anpassungen wurden an Handwerkszielen vorgenommen.
    • Neues Ziel namens "Handwerk: Erfinder" wird hinzugefügt
      • Dieses wöchentliche Ziel erfordert doppelt so viele Herstellungen (100), wie das frühere tägliche Ziel "Handwerk: Erfinder" (50 Herstellungen).
      • Basispunkte = 6.400
      • Öffnet nach dem Abschluss das tägliche Ziel "Handwerk: Erfinder 2"
    • Das ehemalige Ziel "Handwerk: Erfinder" wechselt von "Beliebig wiederholbar" zu "Täglich wiederholbar"
      • Name wird in "Handwerk: Erfinder 2" geändert
      • Basispunkte = 1.100 (bisher 750)
    • "Crew-Fähigkeiten: Sammeln" wechselt von "Beliebig wiederholbar" zu "Täglich wiederholbar"
      • Basispunkte = 1.100 (bisher 750)
    • "Handwerk: Kriegsvorräte" wechselt von "Beliebig wiederholbar" zu "Täglich wiederholbar"
      • Basispunkte = 2.000 (bisher 1.100)
    • "Handwerk: Dunkles Projekt (Ewig)" wird aus "Eroberung" entfernt, da es bereits eine tägliche Version gibt
    • "Handwerk: Unterstützung der Kriegsanstrengungen" wechselt von "Beliebig wiederholbar" zu "Täglich wiederholbar"
      • Basispunkte = 3.350 (bisher 750)
  • Um die Berufe in Zukunft ausgeglichener zu gestalten, entspricht ferner eine "Herstellung" für das Erreichen von Eroberungszielen einer "Herstellung". Bisher wurden als "Herstellung" alle Objekte eines Stapels von hergestellten Gegenständen berücksichtigt, was unsere Absichten für das System unterläuft.
    • Beispiel: Ein Biochemie-Hersteller produziert eine aus 3 Stims bestehende Herstellung.
      • Bisher: Das Eroberungsziel wertet die Objekte als 3 Herstellungen
      • Neu: Das Eroberungsziel wertet die Objekte als 1 Herstellung
  • Eroberungsziele zeigen das "Nächste Ziel" jetzt nur an, wenn es Teil der aktiven Eroberung ist.
  • Die folgenden Eroberungsziele sollten jetzt wie vorgesehen nur während der Schreckenskrieg-Eroberung, der Notfall-Operationen-Eroberungen und während des saisonalen Events "Fest des Wohlstands" angezeigt werden.
    • "Corellia: Glückspilz", "Hoth: Schneeblind"
    • "Corellia: Glückspilz (Ewig)"
    • "Hoth: Schneeblind (Ewig)"
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das einige Sprungtruppen hinsichtlich der Eroberungsziele "Kapitel: Sprungtruppen besiegen" nicht gewertet wurden.
  • Eroberung-Belohnungsmissionen enden nicht mehr unvollständig, wenn sie während einer Unterhaltung gewährt wurden.
  • Handwerk-Eroberungsziele erzielen jetzt lediglich einmal pro Herstellung Fortschritte. Dies ist auch dann der Fall, wenn durch den Bauplan mehrere Objekte geschaffen werden.

Source: Massivelyop, BioWare

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