from Tanja Barth
The machinima artists Pivotal and MasterVertex tell in their fan video “Eye for an Eye” the story of a night elf villain who takes revenge on Sylvanas and her undead in WoW for the fire in Teldrassil. Absolutely worth seeing!

Battle for Azeroth began with what has become one of the greatest Azeroth tragedies in World of Warcraft history. With the fire of Teldrassil, which culminated in the great factional war, Warchief Sylvanas unleashed a storm whose destructiveness extends into the current expansion WoW: Shadowlands.

The revenge is mine!

The great factional war in Azeroth was cruel and casualty. The Telrassil Fire and War of the Thorns were a disaster for the night elves. Countless souls of the kaldorei ended up in the gullet after their death. Her cruel fate still weighs heavily on the shoulders of the night elf leader Tyrande Whisperwind. She could take revenge on Nathanos, the Bansch Queen’s closest confidante, but she did in the end she was denied victory over Sylvanas.

WoW: For Teldrassil – in-game video from the fight against Nathanos

While the night warrior in Shadowlands wages her personal vengeance against Sylvanas, a heroine of the kaldorei sets out to scare the Forsaken in Azeroth. The machinima artists Pivotal and MasterVertex tell their story in their grandiose fan video with the imposing title “Eye for an Eye”.

The title of the machinima video alludes to the Bible verse “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. The night elf villain appears in the undead settlement of Tarrens Mill to take revenge for the fire of Teldrassil. The night elf leaves a bloody trail of devastation! A cruel blow that should hit Sylvanas and the Forsaken to the core. In vanilla WoW (buy now 14,99 €) the undead settlement was a hotspot for major PvP battles. With the PvP-Event Süderstade vs. Tarrens Mühle Blizzard regularly reminds you of this great time.

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King – Trailer for the new pandemic board game

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