The flow of time is a mystery that has been worrying us in WoW for years. Nozdormu and the bronze dragonflight guarded the timeline in Azeroth for millennia on behalf of the titans. And this silent watch was sorely needed! Finally, the corrupt Eternal Flock of Dragons constantly tried to intervene in the given time and change the past and thus the future of Azeroth in favor of its sinister masters. This war was the focus of an exciting but also tricky story that not every player could understand immediately. For the developers, however, these stories offered a convenient way of telling old Warcraft myths such as Thrall's rise or Medivh's betrayal in the game.

With the end of Cataclysm, Nozdormu sealed the timeline and his crush lost power over the flow of time. But the time travel adventures were by no means history. With Warlords of Draenor, the renegade bronze dragon Kairoz created a new timeline, which created new chaos. It is even rumored that Kairozdormus Rebellion caused the birth of the Eternal Flock of Dragons. And those who think that the WoD debacle was already complicated will be amazed by the statement by Ion Hazzikostas.

The time in WoW is history!

In one of his last interviews Ion Hazzikostas indicated that in WoW we should say goodbye to the idea of ​​a fixed timeline in the future. The game world with its numerous expansions has grown so large that it is almost impossible to tell the whole story meaningfully to the new heroes. So you not only get past the level but also a "time" squish. With

Blizzard also published the story of Alleria and Turalyon in a two-hour radio play. In the three parts you will learn more about how Alleria and Turalyon fared on Argus.

In the story "A Thousand Years of War" we learn that time in the Whirling Nether doesn't matter at all.

Source: Blizzard

WoW Shadowlands is the time concept anyway history, as new heroes can choose a certain time period to level with the start of the new addon via Chromie. Well, the squish is long overdue because the players currently have to jump chaotically from one expansion to the next on the way to the maximum level. With Shadowlands, newly-made warriors finally get the chance to experience at least part of the great story in one piece.

Foreign worlds, different laws

Hazzikostas' statement, however, also causes a lot of confusion. When asked whether the time in the shadow lands passed faster or slower, Ion replied that the difference between reality and the hereafter was not easy to explain. There is no fixed timing in the shadow lands, we should rather imagine the whole thing as a chaotic stream. While the life of mortals in Azeroth is largely determined by time, the inhabitants of the Shadow Lands perceive the flow of time in their world differently (or rather not at all). This concept is not new. In our history there are innumerable legends and legends about foreign worlds in which time passes differently than ours. For example, anyone visiting Irish fairy tales for a few days in Irish sagas only came back to their world years or even decades later.

The life of the inhabitants of the shadow lands is primarily determined by anima flows. The concept of time is completely unknown there, only the eternal cycle of life and death counts. & Nbsp;

The life of the inhabitants of the shadow lands is primarily determined by anima flows. The concept of time is completely unknown there, only the eternal cycle of life and death counts.

Source: Buffed

The big question is: Is a similar story concept also possible for WoW? Hazzikostas revealed an interesting detail in the conversation. Namely, that at the end of WoW Shadowlands our heroes will find out what time really means for Azeroth and all worlds that exist beyond reality. Are we coming back to Azeroth a few decades later after our adventure in the shadow lands? How will our game world have changed? Is King Anduin Wrynn an old man then? Will Thrall's son be elected the next warchief? And is there still rivalry between the Horde and the Alliance? With Shadowlands, Blizzard could also take a giant leap into the past and tell us the Warcraft story from the start when the demonic horde attacked Azeroth.

New storytelling for WoW?

Admittedly, breaking with a classic narrative sounds daring. Most peoples also do not fit the past story (people did not know the draenei during the First War, nor did they suspect anything about the nightborn). What the future of World of Warcraft (buy now for 33.95 €) However, theoretically, the developers can come up with any kind of story. Big leaps forward in time also offer Blizzard a way to "erase" our heroes' past. Perhaps we will come back from the Shadow Lands when no one in Azeroth can remember us and our exploits. That would mean that we would have to prove ourselves again.

Would you like this turn of history? Or should Blizzard stick to the classic story concept and continue to rely on the help of the bronze dragons Chromie and Zidormi? Or do you have another sensible solution to Blizzard's dilemma? Write us your opinion in the comment field!

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