The roguelike challenge to beat boredom

from Susanne Braun
Have you mastered all the challenges of WoW: Battle for Azeroth that you wanted to face and are now looking for a new task? Then take part in Deededee's Roguelike Challenge! The principle is simple but funny, especially if you let other WoW fans participate.

As is the case when the employment opportunities dwindle after a WoW expansion because you have already faced all the challenges, fans of the online role-playing game simply look for their own challenges, which can sometimes be very fun.

This is also the case with WoW fan Deededee, who has given himself a small (and probably little new) but fine matter to do: He plays all raids with his naked WoW hero in chronological order and only creates the loot, which he loots from the bosses and is allowed to carry. After each raid, he posts a picture of his heroic outfit on social media, which in terms of style probably belongs in the lower drawer of the closet. This is what his orc warrior looked like after his run through the Molten Core.

Another rule that Deededee adheres to is the following: If the character dies while running, the challenge is over. In addition, he plays the raids on the highest available difficulty level and thus already had his problems in Ulduar with the Flame Leviathan. This is what his warrior looked like after his last run, by the way – he died of the Dark Animus in the Throne of Thunder in Pandaria because he couldn't beat the adds away fast enough.

You can see all of his screenshots after the raids in this one Twitter thread look at. If you want to watch Deededee try the same challenge with a magician, then you can do that on Twitch to do. But it would be much more fun if you faced the challenge yourself (via IcyVeins)!

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