Saturday, April 10, 2021

The role-playing game on the Game Boy could look so nice

Console players cannot wait until the story of Horizon Zero Dawn is continued by the successor. PC players are looking forward to the PC release. Graphically, both products will probably convince, but a Japanese fan proves that Aloy would also look good in a 16-bit retro version.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

After the great success of Horizon Zero Dawn, fans still have to wait until Horizon Zero Dawn 2, the successor to the game, is released. Fans were not only impressed by the extensive story and varied fights, the graphic presentation of the action role-playing game also left nothing to be desired.

A recent job advertisement from Guerilla Games makes it clear that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could add graphics to it properly, but even on consoles like the Game Boy the game would have its very own charm.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 may become even more beautiful.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The most beautiful pictures of the photo mode

Horizon Zero Dawn on the Game Boy – This is how it could look like

Due to the success of Horizon Zero Dawn, you can still regularly find various fan arts for the game. Twitter user toyaken21 from Japan also thought about and a very cute pixel art released for the game.

You can see Aloy and two machine beings and even in pixel art the beautiful landscape stands out. It looks like Horizon Zero Dawn would also cut a fine figure as a 16-bit retro version, or what do you say?