The schedule for the PvP brawls in 2020

of Sebastian Glanzer
PvP brawls are special small PvP events from World of Warcraft that change every two weeks. So that you know exactly when your favorite PvP brawl takes place, the developers have published a schedule for the remaining year.

PvP brawls are a great opportunity to gather honor and yourself alongside the normal battlefields in WoW Badge of honor to earn. This mode has new rules every time or revives old player-to-player skirmishes from the past. This way you can go back in time in the Battle of Süderstade, when entire hordes of players fought a bitter open PvP fight in the foothills of the hill country.

Especially players who are still ranked 3rd in the essence Blood of the enemy work and want to have them for their twinks thanks to the account-wide essences, the PvP scuffle K.I.nderspiel is recommended. In this brawl you play against bots and should easily win the battle in less than five minutes. So that you know when K.I.nderspiel. And other PvP-brawlers are active, Blizzard now has one Timetable published for the rest of the year.

PvP Rough Holidays in 2020

Cuisino Royale
February 5-11

10- June 16
October 14th – 20th

Hotmogu Temple
February 19-26
June 24 – July 1
October 28 – November 4

Süderstade vs Tarren Mill
March 4-10
November 11-17

Full house
March 18-24
July 22-28
November 25 – December 1

Classic ashran
25th-31st March
July 29 – August 4
December 1-8

17th April
August 5-11
December 9-15

Six correct ones
April 15-21
August 19-25
December 23-29

Winter arathi basin
April 29 – May 5
September 2-8

Loss of gravity
May 13-19
September 16-22

Warsong boating
May 27 -2. June
September 30- October 6

WoW Classic: Attack on the Blackwing Lair – Trailer

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