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The release of Die Siedler has been announced for 2020: With the new part of the popular development strategy series, Ubisoft wants to bring the most popular elements from the settler games in a new guise into the modern age – together with new features and gameplay mechanisms. As part of a new video series, the publisher wants to give you a "very special look" behind the scenes. The focus is on various members of the development team, who introduce you to individual work areas in the videos. It starts with Art Director Edgar Bittencourt. We have the video ready in the article.

Ubisoft announces a new video series The settlers on. As part of the "Meet the Team" series, the publisher wants to give "very special insights" behind the scenes of the developer studio. The focus is on different members from the team of the new settler game. In addition to working in the studio, they give very personal insights into the world of a developer. The series begins with Brazilian art director Edgar Bittencourt.

"As a settler fan from the very beginning, he was responsible for a large graphics team and gave the project its unmistakable graphic identity," says the publisher. In addition, you will get a closer look at his personal history as an art director. In addition, you take a look at various concept arts for The Settlers. We have included the video below. The release of the new part of the popular Building strategy series is for 2020 planned. A specific date has not yet been fixed.

At the beginning of the year, Ubisoft had many new ones Details on The Settlers Promised, In the coming weeks, fans can look forward to, among other things, insights into the military system – from weapon production to training and fighting. In addition, the third victory strategy is to be presented with the Path of Faith. Information about the multiplayer mode is also announced. In our news area we will keep you up to date as usual.

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