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The WoW Shadowlands Alpha now also includes the world map of the Shadow Lands and provides a view of the proportions of the individual zones. We also see where the zones are located.

Blizzard has released a first version of the World Map for the Shadow Lands in the upcoming WoW expansion alpha (via Vanion). The map shows all zones of the shadow lands with their positions in relation to each other and provides information about the respective proportions. A special feature of the new zones compared to previous expansions of WoW and, for example, Draenor, Outland or the Broken Isles is immediately apparent: the zones are not connected to each other, but float separately in the space as islands:

WoW Shadowlands: The world map of the shadow lands shows an overview of all areas (1)

WoW Shadowlands: The world map of the shadow lands shows an overview of all areas (1)

Source: Blizzard

Blizzard had already announced such a zone layout at Blizzcon – and with regard to the shadowland lore, it makes perfect sense that we cannot simply walk from one kingdom to another. However, the developers have already confirmed that there will be a flight route system between the zones through which we can travel from one area to another without a loading screen. Maybe at some point we can take to the skies ourselves and fly through the clouds of the Shadow Lands when Blizzard unlocks flying with a later patch in the course of Shadowlands.

The size ratios of the individual zones also have no major surprises: Bastion, Revendreth and Ardenwald seem to be roughly the same size, while Maldraxxus takes up the most and Oribos and the throat the least space on the map. Oribos is actually a large tower that hovers in the clouds.

Incidentally, the map currently contains very few details – Bastion in particular still looks very unspectacular. We therefore assume that Blizzard will add and embellish the map until the release of Shadowlands.

Now you are asked: What do you think of the world map of the shadow lands? Write us your opinion in the comments.

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