The year 2000 – When we started the Sims for the first time, maybe on a Saturday or Sunday morning, we were sitting on the family computer with glittering beam eyes. Probably still in pajamas because there was no time to get dressed. After all, you had to send your Sims to work so that you could finally move into the large gray villa with the red roof. Whoever pressed the holy trinity with the name "Ctrl + Shift + C", knew the cheat "Rosebud" and the cheat line up to the stop with ";!;!;!" filled, it was already a big step closer to the dream house. Architects who had chatted their 9,999,999 Simoleons together let off steam here. Whether it was a shack or even a castle, the opportunities to design the building plots grew with every new generation of Sims. Meanwhile, in the in-house gallery the Sims 4 can even find spectacular replicas of WoW!

The world of the Sims comes to life …

Not only we fans have grown up in the past twenty years. The Sims also evolved. They became more human, more individual. Desires and fears dominated the gameplay in The Sims (buy now for € 19.99) 2 when it was launched in 2004. For the first time, in a perfect 3D world, the Sims lived through the lifespan of a real person and collected memories from small to old age. Only six years later, the world of the Sims literally opened up. In The Sims 3, we were finally released from the tiresome loading screens. The whole city was suddenly on the move, whether by bike, car or on foot. The game has never felt more lively. The neighborhoods became more colorful thanks to the palette of colors and patterns, because now you could not only add a pink leopard pattern to the Sim's clothing, but also the entire house and furnishings. All of the freedoms that Sims 3 offered gave us their price, especially if you liked to play with custom content. The Sims 3, with all its lags and bugs, triggered by the many features, custom content and the open game world, turned out to be an absolute killer game that made even the best PCs work up a sweat and that loved to crash the game.

… and suddenly gets too big!

Time for EA to row back. The Sims 4, released in 2014, brought back the loading screens, restricted the space by moving the emotionally charged Sims, but shone with a fluid performance. But "The Sims" would not be "The Sims" if EA did not give us many different tools with which we could end our Sims' lives prematurely. And hand on heart – who didn't do it? Sent the ledges into the pool and then removed the ladder? We have all done it. But the Sims learned something new! While they were completely delivered to us in the first part, they can now go in and out without a ladder in the fourth part. But the sadist is always creative. No sim escapes. He simply pulls a wall around the pool.

Disappeared and found again? Bella and Mortimer Creep have been there from the start and are probably the most famous Sims in the neighborhood.

Disappeared and found again? Bella and Mortimer Creep have been there from the start and are probably the most famous Sims in the neighborhood.

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Is the Sims franchise in danger?

The current generation is probably the most criticized. However, this is not due to the game itself, rather to electronic arts. Content and unimaginative expansion packs at high prices and a lack of communication with the fans spoil the fun. If the community has to start begging for the most elementary things that were taken for granted in the previous parts, that means nothing good for the future. A release of The Sims 5 is still in the stars, but there is hope that EA will use the current criticism to put the next generation back on the right track. It is not yet time to let this star burn up in the sky. The love of the franchise is too great for that. In this sense – Happy 20th birthday!

The Sims 4: To the Uni – Trailer with gameplay scenes from the add-on

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The Sims 4: Baby Yoda is now available to decorate your Sims

No, even the Sims in Sims 4 cannot do without Baby Yoda. As a small statue you can now place it in your houses and apartments! Test the Sims 4 for a short time now for free! "Src ="

The Sims 4: Download the game for free!

For a short time you can download the Standard Edition of Sims 4 from Origins. WoW: Dedicated fans build the destroyed Darnassus and Unterstadt in Sims 4 after (1) "src ="

Wow: Dedicated fans restore Darnassus and Unterstadt in Sims 4

Two factions in WoW, two destroyed capitals. However, busy Sims players have deceptively realistically reconstructed Undercity and Darnassus.

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