The Frogwares team has revealed new details about the release debacle of The Sinking City and raised serious allegations against publisher Nacon. The two companies have been in a legal dispute since the summer of last year. We reported on the topic on Monday.

During the development of the title, Nacon reportedly failed to make several payments to the studio. In addition, the publisher has probably tried again and again to claim the copyright for The Sinking City for himself. The game was then removed from digital stores over a year after its release. In January 2021, however, the game returned. Only the Steam version now warns of a purchase.

This is only available again since Friday and according to the development team it is probably a stolen version of the game. Accordingly, the publisher is said to have bought a copy of The Sinking City on Gamesplanet in order to later offer it on Steam. For this, Nacon has not only removed watermarks and logos, but also advertising for the Sherlock Holmes game by Frogwares from the game data. In line with the allegation, the creators have also published a video that is supposed to show how the publisher is said to have revised the title.

The Sinking City is currently available on all common platforms. However, the developers point out that only the versions from Gamesplanet, EA Origin and the versions for PS5 and Nintendo Switch from Frogwares are also sold as a publisher.

Source: Frogwares

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