With Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA hit the bullseye, because not only are the games popular, the film also quickly developed into one of the most successful films in the world. Seems like the company has drawn a lot of strength from this and already has other projects in mind.

Team Sonic Racing

The Sonic the Hedgehog film is one of the most successful productions based on video games. With around $ 307 million in revenue worldwide, he even overtook the previous favorite master detective Pikachu. Chief Brand Officer Ivo Gerscovich recently commented Reddit to the success of the blue hedgehog.

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The Sonic film has greatly influenced the brand

Gerscovich is more than satisfied with the results of the Sonic film and believes that the film has contributed greatly to reviving the Sonic brand and gaining relevance in the market.

"The film's success has had a positive impact on many areas of the brand, from winning a new generation of fans to reaching fans in places around the world that may not be as accessible to us alone," said Gerscovich.

It is possible that the success of the film has paved the way for further projects. There would be "many new opportunities to tell new stories and new content and products" that the company could deliver in the future. For example, he and his family would be happy to see another film. How are you all doing? Would you like another film or a new game? Let us know in the comments.