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To fuel the anticipation for the upcoming patch 5.2 "Echos of a Fallen Star" for Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix has now put the official special page for the big update online. This point of contact for all information about Patch 5.2 will be expanded continuously in the coming weeks.

Patch 5.2 "Echos of a Fallen Star" for Final Fantasy 14 (buy now for € 7.90) should bring a lot of innovations again. So we can look forward to the continuation of the main scenario, with which the story of the Shadowbringers expansion is to be finally concluded this time. But the update will also have a lot to offer in terms of play. So the Eden raid will continue and the new dungeon "Anamnesis Anyder" will also come. In addition, particularly fearless players can try the "Ruby Fire" challenge, where nobody is less than Ruby Weapon to be conquered.

As usual from Square Enix, there is now also a patch 5.2 own special page, There you will find a clear list of all the content, and you can also admire plenty of screenshots and artwork. Even if the special page is currently still quite clear, we can assume that it will be expanded as usual with a number of new content in the coming weeks, so it is worthwhile to drop in regularly.

Patch 5.2 for Final Fantasy 14 is scheduled for release in mid-February. An exact date is not yet known.

Final Fantasy 14: the trailer for Patch 5.1 is here!

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