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The latest issue of MMORE deals in detail with the fourth phase of WoW Classic on the associated servers and also with the second swing of the raid bosses in Ny'alotha from Battle for Azeroth. To do this, we investigate the question: What are the spies of the void, the astral, actually up to?

The next issue of MMORE, edition 05/2020 or number 147, has been baked by our bakers in the editorial office and can be found at the latest in stores on April 15, 2020 and a few days before in the mailboxes of our dear and valued subscribers. If you are afraid of going to the kiosk due to the current situation, you can also order the magazine individually from April 15, 2020 in our shop. Of course, we also baked an interesting mix of guides and information about WoW in this issue, and tossed a few ingredients from other game worlds into our batter, including Overwatch, Hearthstone and a retro article about Final Fantasy.

Our biggest treat in this issue is aimed at the fans of WoW Classic among you, because the fourth phase of Classic will be launched on the corresponding servers shortly and allows you to visit the 20-player Zul'Gurub instance. We provide fans of Battle for Azeroth with a buffet of class tips to match the last six bosses in the Ny'alotha raid. Apart from that, we have also prepared a cake platter for the Schmöker fans among you: What drives the astral espionage network? Does it reveal the most intimate secrets of our heroes to the Lords of Void? Why do some WoW fans perceive the disturbing visions as … well … disturbing? And what can be done about faction imbalances and the now popular rental power system? Find out in MMORE 05/2020!

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Some of the highlights of the MMORE 05/2020

Reading samples from MMORE 05/2020 (Source: buffed)

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