She is one of the three most important heroes of the DC universe and perhaps the most famous female comic figure in the world: Since her first appearance in 1941, Wonder Woman has been an integral part of pop culture. But what makes her such a popular character? On the one hand, of course, their sheer longevity. Along with Batman and Superman, she is one of the longest-running superheroes. On the other hand, it was planned as an icon from the start.

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Wonder Woman

One of Wonder Woman's most important weapons is her legendary Lasso of Truth. Its creator gave this to the heroine, not entirely without ulterior motives.

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Wonder Woman had her first appearance in 1941. She was created by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who deliberately created her as a female counterpart to the mostly male superheroes of the time. According to his vision, Princess Diana of Themyscira was a heroine who defeated her opponents with the power of love and embodied many ideals of early feminism. And even if it was only hinted at in the comics, it was no coincidence that the god Zeus and the Amazon queen Hippolyta provided them not only with enormous strength, knowledge and speed, but also with a lasso, under whose influence the opponents – first of all professionally tied up – had to tell the truth. In fact, bondage gimmicks in the form of Diana, who was first put in chains by her opponents, only to later break her up and in turn defeat the villains with her lasso, according to Marston, were also a symbol of how the heroine the chains of the male Oppression blew up. It goes without saying that critics quickly emerged from such a revolutionary heroine. But less because of the psychological and erotic undertones – in her opinion, Wonder Woman was very patriotic with her blue-white-red costume, but also dressed too openly.

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Wonder Woman: Superheroess through the comic age
Despite various controversies, Wonder Woman quickly established itself. The core of their character always remains the same. Her background story and skills, however, changed constantly. At the beginning the following applied: At the side of Steve Trevor Diana was from

Wonder Woman

Wonder Womans costume has gone through quite a few changes over the decades. Her film version is currently also shaping her appearance in the comics.

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Amazon kingdom Themyscira sent into the human world, where she assumed the identity of Diana Prince. As Wonder Woman, she fought against evil and became a founding member of the Justice Society of America along with Superman and other heroes. Less known from this early period: Diana was actually an artificially created golem made of clay, which Hippolyta and Zeus breathed life and skills into.

This backstory changed for the first time author Robert Kanigher, who, along with other characters, adapted Wonder Woman to the demands of the 60s and early 70s – the Silver Age of the comic book industry. Most importantly, he made Diana a real woman and no longer a figure made of clay, breathed into life.

With that he started a wave of changes that continues to this day. In the 1970s – the bronze age of comics – Wonder Woman even completely lost her superpowers, only to get them back later.

Wonder Woman: Goddess, warrior, Superman's friend
"Crisis on Infinite Earths", one of the most important mega-events in DC comic history, made Diana a clay figure again, who was breathed into life, and was the official ambassador of Themyscira Island. Steve Trevor was completely deleted, but the Greek gods took a larger place. It was also you who made Diana a goddess in the meantime. Her mother Hippolyta took on the role of Wonder Woman.

The past 20 years have seen Diana in a new role – as part of DC's Trinity. The "Trinity" refers to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, DC's most popular heroes, who are also the moral pillars of the comic universe. The 2000s also introduced another innovation: if they weren't fighting evil, Wonder Woman and Superman could well be in a relationship.

Wonder Woman: (Almost) everything at the beginning
These developments were processed in two reboots that were supposed to make the DC superheroes fit for the 21st century: The New 52 and DC Rebirth. The New 52 rewrote the backstories of many superheroes, including Diana. No longer a golem or goddess she was now

Scene from & amp; quot; Wonder Woman & amp; quot;

Once a goddess and back – Diana has seen a lot in the course of her comic book history.

Source: Warner Bros.

Demigoddess and also got a new costume. DC Rebirth turned the changes to The New 52 back a bit and brought many details of the original story of Wonder Woman back into the current DC universe. Now Diana got her powers directly from the Greek gods, including super speed, super power, the ability to fly and eternal youth. Steve Trevor also played a bigger role in Diana's life again, probably also to make the comic timeline more understandable for fans of the DC films.

Despite many changes and reinterpretations, Wonder Woman has remained the same in her heart since the 1940s: As a just warrior, she ensures that the human world is not overrun by evil and that powerful men are always faced with a strong woman.

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