World of Warcraft celebrated its 15th anniversary a few months ago and the objective observer will have noticed that the MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment has actually aged quite well. This is due on the one hand to the regular technical updates, and of course also to the iconic WoW comic graphics themselves.

Aren't you also asking yourself how WoW could look in a somewhat "more realistic" graphic? Well, then luck is on your side, because in the past few years fans have repeatedly transported parts of the fantastic world of Azeroth to Unreal Engine 4.

But today it's not about Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Hellfire Peninsula, Grizzly Hills or Durotar. No, today it's about the most famous and (among Classic players) sometimes the most feared area: That Stranglethorn Valley!

The Stranglethorn Valley – an unreal engine adaptation

The Stranglethorn Valley is sometimes one of the first areas to encounter the minions of the enemy faction. Player-against-player actions have always been a priority and have given the elongated area in the south of the eastern kingdoms its dubious reputation.

It's hard to believe that the creator and 3D artist "Darek Martel Kladivo"had a completely different picture in mind when he created this visual work of art:"I've always been a big fan of relaxing background music. As a 3D artist, I had to produce something in this genre, so I created this audiovisual mediation in cooperation with my guitar-playing friend."

The creation process

This audiovisual spectacle consists of the quiet background music and the leisurely seeming images of the Stranglethorn valley. Darek Martel Kladivo points out that only free assets from the Unreal Engine were used for this. Numerous impressions and 1-to-1 comparison pictures of the two worlds can be found her in his portfolio.

The Czech Esteban Krupka is responsible for the background music – you can see his portfolio on his Soundcloud– Listen to the account.

What do you think of such adaptations? Could you have a World of Warcraft (buy now for € 32.95) present in a somewhat more realistic graphic? Or are you basically more on the comic graphic side? Write to us in the comments!

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