The streaming tips in July on Netflix, Amazon, Sky and Co.

The country needs new heroes. Because at least in the cinema, the superheroes of Marvel and Co. are making themselves scarce. The streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + show what you can do with supposedly old ideas – and also throw one of the best-known super villains into the race.

Warrior Nun (on July 2nd on Netflix)
And another comic book adaptation sees the light of the streaming world: This time, Netflix is ​​based on his new series on the series "Warrior Nun Areala" from the 90s. In the series, young Ava wakes up in a morgue and discovers that she has had a heavenly artifact planted in her back. This makes her part of a mysterious nun order that fights evil. A criticism of Warrior Nun Areala was that illustrator Ben Dunn used Christian symbols, which the Catholic Church did not like at all. Does the Netflix series spark similar controversy?

Hanna – Season 2 (from July 3rd on Amazon Prime)

Thriller series Hanna enters season 2.

Thriller series Hanna enters season 2.

Source: Amazon

The thriller series around Hanna, a young woman who became part of a military experiment and is being followed by the CIA, was one of Amazon Prime's surprise hits in 2019. A little more than a year later the appears second season, initially in the original version, later also synchronized. "It was about time," some fans will think now, because season 1 left the audience with a rather cliffhanger. The current season looks more closely at what the mysterious Utrax program is and what happened to the other girls who are part of that program.

Joker (from July 3rd on Sky)
The most famous super villain in the world no longer needs to be presented. All the more exciting is what director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix made of joker in the film of the same name. Far from the usual superhero clichés, Joker is one

Joaquin Phoenix as the joker.

From July 3rd, Joaquin Phoenix will show his version of the Joker on Sky.

Source: Warner Bros.

Origin story of a different kind. The film was inspired by classics like "King of Comedy" and "Taxidriver". So Joker has become a dark character study that shows what a great actor Joaquin Phoenix is ​​and what potential is still in the genre of superhero films.

The Incredibles – Now you see me / Now you see me 2 (from July 11th on Amazon Prime)
The two action comedies revolve around magic, stage magic and double play The Incredibles – Now you see me and Now you see me 2. The focus of both films is on the "Four Riders", a group of stage magicians who use their tricks and illusions to expose corruption and fraud. The plot of both films has many surprises in store, so that even the characters themselves don't know who is pulling the strings.

Umbrella Academy – Season 2 (from July 31st on Netflix)
A school full of young superheroes: what initially sounds like a simple copy of the X-Men has been in the hands of the makers of The

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy.

Expected by fans: Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy.

Source: Netflix

Umbrella Academy into a weird and bizarre series that puts its own stamp on the topic. Season 2 was eagerly anticipated, also because season 1 ended with a cliffhanger. What is the new episode about? So far only actors and film crew know that in detail. But first pictures show: It will be at least as weird as season 1.

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