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This Friday, July 23rd, the first official arena tournament for WoW starts: Burning Crusade Classic. We’ll tell you exactly when it starts, where you can watch the games and what the general conditions for the tournament look like.

For some fans of the “Burning Crusade” era, there is one main reason to pay regular visits to Outland these days: the arena where groups throw themselves into exciting team deathmatch games. The arena format is still available in retail WoW, but not with the class design and balancing from the TBC era. And the value of hardening also played a special role at the time.

If you are fans of Arena-PvP from the very beginning, you should shovel free an hour or two on the weekend. From Friday, July 23rd, the official arena tournament for WoW will take place (buy now 14,99 € ): Burning Crusade Classic instead. Of over 150 teams that registered prior to the qualifiers last weekend, eight groups each in North America and Europe qualified for the epic conclusion of the first Burning Crusade Classic Arena tournament.

These remaining teams are now playing for a total prize pool of $ 30,000. The tournament organizers will be supported by special guest actors as well as Holly Longdale, Lead Producer of Burning Crusade Classic. You can open the tournament Youtube or on the Kimuh’s Twitch Channel follow. In addition, some of the participating players will also stream their games on their own channels.

  • Term: Friday July 23rd – Sunday July 25th
  • Transmission start time: 6:00 p.m. Central European Time
  • price: $ 30,000 broken down into $ 15,000 per region

1st place: $ 5,000

2nd place: $ 3,500

3.: 2.000 US-Dollar

4.: 1.500 US-Dollar

5./6.: 1.000 US-Dollar

7./8.: 500 US-Dollar

  • Format: 3v3, Best of 5 double elimination

How does it look: Are you up for the esports tournament? Do you play a lot of arena yourself? Let us know in the comments!

WoW: Humorous arena tournament trailer for Burning Crusade Classic

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