Mobile games are a lot: pastime, gimmick, big business … and hate object. In principle, every game can become the target of hate. Mobile games are particularly often affected. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes the players should be ripped off, sometimes games are only hated because they are popular. And again, mobile games are just really bad. Or everything at the same time. Filling these top ten with titles was no problem at all. We present to you: The ten most hated mobile games!

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Mobile Games Hate: The Ten Most Hated Mobile Games - Top 10 (Special) (1)

Mobile Games Hate: The Ten Most Hated Mobile Games – Top 10 (Special) (1)

Source: PC Games

Let's start slowly. Pokémon Quest was released in 2018 in addition to the Switch for Android and iOS. The action RPG is not a disaster, but still had to take some criticism. Why? Well, because the game is just pretty boring. Your Pokémon move and fight on their own. Means: You have little influence on the gameplay. You can carry out special attacks; basically you just watch your little monsters playing themselves. In addition, you do the same again and again and you are also very dependent on luck. Then prefer a real Pokémon game such as sword & shield.

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9th place: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

The Kardashian family has fans and haters alike. The same applies to the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. How should it be otherwise, you have to work your way up from E to A celebrity in this Free2Play role-playing game. For this you have to model, be seen in clubs, go on dates and the like. What you do as a celebrity. That may be nice because the famous Kardashian name is at stake. But if you take it away, there is basically nothing left but a boring and at best mediocre mobile game with the usual premium currency for real money. The reviews on Metacritic speak for themselves.

Okay, admittedly: The original Angry Birds is not a bad game and was not really hated either. But that was a few years ago and a lot has happened since then. Not only the flood of at best mediocre films and series, intrusive advertising and overpriced merchandise gets on the nerves of many. Above all, the subsequent updates have turned a formerly brilliant mobile game into a typical rip-off machine. Where Angry Birds originally focused on earning money by buying advertising freedom and one or two permanently usable special items, they now rely on the full program. Several premium currencies, countless fee-based power-ups, energy systems and Co. are supposed to pull as much money out of the players' pockets as possible at overpriced prices. It's really sad to see what happened to Angry Birds …

Mobile Games Hate: The Ten Most Hated Mobile Games - Top 10 (Special) (3)

Mobile Games Hate: The Ten Most Hated Mobile Games – Top 10 (Special) (3)

Source: PC Games

Fortnite is of course not a bad game per se. On the contrary. It is not even a pure mobile game. The famous Battle Royale shooter also runs on devices with Android and iOS. But why is Fortnite so much hated? The game is fun, always offers something new and at least the pure online mode is completely free. And it offers not only Battle Royale, but different game modes. There is actually something for every taste. Nevertheless, a lot of hate is brought to the game. However, this comes primarily from older players, who often look down on Fortnite and the associated culture. And this culture is a very absurd online youth culture with crazy dances and senseless but overpriced outfits and emotes. By the way, Fortnite is not the first game in this situation. At the moment, this form of hate is focused on the shooter from Epic Games.

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6th place: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a very classic case of a really good game that is completely destroyed by monetization. In the game you are a new student at Hogwarts and experience the everyday life of the magic school there. This includes many activities such as lessons, Quidditch and Co. Visually you can customize your figure very individually, later you even get a pet and the Harry Potter lore is beautifully implemented. So for fans it's just the right thing. However, nothing works without the energy system. Basically, everything you do uses energy. It recharges itself, but it takes forever. If you want to play without long waiting times, you have to buy gems for real money. Of course, they are completely overpriced. In order to play continuously in this way, you would have to have more than 50 euros on the table per game hour. An absolute joke … and a very good reason for hate.

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