The top 3 Netflix series with the most Emmy nominations for 2020

Netflix won. At least in the "Who gets the most Emmy nominations?" Game, in which the streaming service outperformed its rivals Amazon Prime, HBO or Disney + with a total of 160 nominations. Although the awards have not yet been distributed, a look at the top 3 series (certainly) can't hurt.

If you don't know which Netflix series you can bring this weekend, how about this: The Top 3 Netflix series with the most Emmy nominations. The British television awards will only be on the winners on September 20th thrown at the head (with a lot of love) – but with more than ten nominations, a series is certainly worth a look or two. Also, don't forget that The Umbrella Academy just started its second season has gone. The next days and weeks there will be enough good series that will be worth it.


Hollywood Has 12 Emmy nominations resident, predominantly for music, costume and Make up. Some of the main and supporting actors were also delighted to be nominated. The seven-part mini series the not always brilliant story tells several aspiring stars in the 40s, the golden era of Hollywood. Behind the pretty faces and outfits, the dramas behind the scenes come to the fore; People in one of racism and Homophobia want to change something shaped world. It is a pretty, glittering Hollywood that is shown here – and therefore its abysses reach deeper into the dark. With only seven episodes of 45 minutes each the drama series is also quickly seen.

The Crown

You may know The Crown, the so far Political drama series consisting of three seasons about the Life of Queen Elizabeth II. This was the second most expensive Netflix series Nominated 13 times at the Emmys, among other things for the script, the Costumes and the Director. Olivia Coleman, who has been playing Queen Elisabeth II in season 2, also got one Emmy nomination for Best Actress. The Crown follows the royal traces of Elizabeth II, with one season always telling about 10 years of the life of the Queen – with a focus on the tensions that repeatedly arise between her royal office and her private life. At the end of 2019, the third season strutted on Netflix, the filming of the fourth should be completed by now.


Ozark has with his 18 Emmy nominations Not getting most maybe Emmys – that was HBO's comic drama series Watchmen (26 nominations!) – For this she moves to the lonely top of the top 3 Netflix series, counted according to the nominations. The series could be awarded for her script, the camera, the Cinematography as well as plain best drama series 2020. The Criminal drama follows the traces of an apparently normal family who, after moving to the Ozark region, finds that all of their neighbors are more or less in criminal activity and drug dealing are involved. To protect his family, independent financial advisor Marty Byrde signs a deal – and plans to launder $ 500 million for a drug lord in five years.

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Who gets what price now, decides on September 20th, if the Awarded Emmys to all those television shows and series become. With so many nominations for individual streaming and TV shows, the winners seem to be halfway certain.