the top-selling games in February 2020

of Karsten Scholz
We are heading for April 2020 and that means that the time for the gaming industry's sales charts is February 2020. Once again, the market research company SuperData Research has published the respective top 10 for the PC, console and mobile sectors as well as some accompanying details.

We are heading for April 2020 and that means that the time for the gaming industry's sales charts is February 2020. The market research company SuperData Research has published a corresponding analysis and divided the games into the areas of mobile games, PC games and console titles. We have summarized the top 10 of each category below, but first some exciting observations:

  • Classic and WoW Patch 8.3 continue to attract many players to the servers on a regular basis: As in January 2020, WoW remains at number 7 on the PC charts.
  • The multiplayer oldie Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is experiencing a new spring. Over 24 million players are said to have last played the title of Valve. This is the previous record from July 2017. The reason given is an update from the end of 2019, with which a Battle Pass and cosmetic character skins came into play.
  • The controversial mobile game Coin Master set a new record in February and generated over $ 87 million in revenue.
  • Fortnite is back on the PC charts and is currently (and again) the only game that appears in two top 10 lists.
  • The effects of the corona crisis will only be felt in the coming analysis for March. At least the Japanese played more than usual in February, which is reflected in strong numbers of titles like Monster Strike or Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Top 10 mobile games with the highest sales in February 2020

1) Honor of Kings
2) Candy Crush Saga
3) Gardenscapes – New Acres
4) Last Shelter: Survival
5) Clash of Clans
6) Pokémon GO
7) Monster Strike
8) Coin Master
9) Homescapes
10) Fate / Grand Order

Top 10 best-selling PC games in February 2020

1) League of Legends
2) Dungeon Fighter Online
3) Crossfire
4) Fantasy Westward Journey Online II
5) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
6) World of Tanks
7) World of Warcraft West
8) Roblox
9) Fortnite
10) Dota 2

Top 10 best-selling console games in February 2020

1) FIFA 20
2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
3) GTA V
4) NBA2K20
5) Fortnite
6) Madden NFL 20
7) Dragon Ball Z: Cocoa
8) Apex Legends
9) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
10) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: victories

Source: SuperData

WoW Classic: Attack on the Blackwing Lair – Trailer

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