Do you know as much about Skyrim as a High King from Skyrim, or are you more of an inquisitive scholar who wanders the lands of the Northern Realm to learn more? The ultimate Skyrim quiz will first take your hand and then throw you into one of the Oblivion gates to see if you survive. Wait: was that Skyrim at all?

Do you have 1000 hours in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim stuck and knows everything about the game? Test your personal horizon in heaven's edge with ours ultimate quiz, all – or at least lots – Touch areas of the game and query them. We may start here with the usual, simple questions, but then we dig deeper into the game's lore, the quests, the characters until we can no longer see the exit of the question tunnel for the answers.

But: Once you are through, you will receive an official title in Skyrim, in recognition of your accomplishments. You don't have to know all the answers to become the true dragon-born, but Hochkönig – as we all know – can only be one. Or anyone who answers enough questions correctly. Maybe you're even smarter than a king?

Who will you be How far can you ascend in the chaotic structures of Heaven's Edge? Find out now:

Too heavy? Too simple? And what title did you get? Let me know in the comments how many questions you could answer – and if you are interested in an even trickier Skyrim quiz, please let me know.