The unveiling schedule is said to be comparable to that of the PS4

of Dominik Zwingmann
According to Sony officials, the schedule for unveiling the PlayStation 5 will have many similarities to the marketing campaign for the PS4 at the time. The predecessor was unveiled in February 2013 and finally released in November 2013. However, no further details on the topic were disclosed.

We still don't know when Sony will officially launch the PlayStation 5. However, there are said to have been no changes to the plans. CFO Hiroki Totoki recently confirmed this to investors. In general, marketing for the next-gen console will be based on the then promotional campaign for the PlayStation 4. Accordingly, the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 should actually not be too long away.

The previous console was introduced in February 2013 during the PlayStation meeting. Nine months later, the PS4 was released in stores. Even though the month is slowly coming to an end, there is still a small chance that Sony may still have a first look at the new hardware in February 2020. There have been at least a lot of rumors in the past.

At E3 2013 in June, Sony also presented the price for the console. Since the company will be missing in Los Angeles again this year, we can expect another event here in the future. Several reports on console pricing have been released in the past few days. Accordingly, the high production costs are currently causing problems for Sony. The PS5 is currently expected to cost just under $ 450 to manufacture. But fans certainly have to wait a bit for the price of the hardware. Sony wants to wait for the competition's plans here. This means Microsoft and the release of the Xbox Series X.

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