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Almost every second expansion Blizzard has to adjust our damage values ​​and other numbers such as stamina so that we don't explode when looking at double-digit millions. RedditorZeShmoutt shows how the values ​​power creep developed in Battle for Azeroth.

In MoP we saw double-digit millions in the damage for the first time, so they were adjusted again with WoD, only to end up in the millions again in Legion and to be lowered again in BfA along with some other numbers. But not only the damage figures go through the roof with every expansion. Redditor ZeShmoutt shows how absurd the percentage development of item level, attributes, secondary values ​​and endurance has become.

The increases in numbers

If you compare the lowest item level (172, Level 110 World Drop) and compare it with the highest item level at the end of the expansion (485 from Mythical Ny'alotha), you get the following values:

  • Item level: From 172 to 485 (+ 181.98%)
  • Attributes (strength, intelligence, etc.): From 45 to 834 (+ 1753.33%)
  • Endurance: From 68 to 1616 (+ 2276.47%)
  • Secondary values: From 58 to 346 (+ 496.55%)

Compared to other extensions, we have a whole bunch of stamina again, but secondary values ​​are a bit on the line. This is especially bad for classes that often rely on their attacks to be critical or to build up resources more quickly. This is the main reason why plinths matter so much.

Secondary values ​​on rings

Rings are our main supplier of secondary values, so let's see what has changed here.

  • Item level: From 172 to 485 (+ 181.98%)
  • Attributes (strength, intelligence, etc.): From 0 to 0 …
  • Endurance: From 38 to 909 (+ 2292.11%)
  • Secondary values: From 58 to 608 (+ 948.28%)

Up until the release of the Eternal Palace, secondary values ​​made up more than endurance. After that we were pumped up with more life points. Probably to make new raids more dangerous for less well-equipped players. Either that, or Blizzard didn't correctly change the endurance formula on items.

It will be interesting to see how the level squish in Shadowlands affects the values ​​of the upcoming expansion and whether players below level 50 will be able to master old content at all. Everything before BfA content is then classified from level 10 to 50 and Shadowlands content takes place between level 50 and 60.

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