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Robert Kirkman is the inventor of the comics The Walking Dead, on which the series of the same name is based. He even answered on Twitter how the zombie virus broke out.

In the comics too the Walking Dead you never knew what caused the zombie virus to break out. Since the comic series is also over, there will probably be no official answer – or will it?

Zombies from space?

It is unclear whether we will find out the reason for the epidemic in the TV series for The Walking Dead. However, Robert Kirkman, the inventor of the comic template, has spoken on Twitter on Twitter. He was asked directly what triggered the virus. Kirkman even replied, saying, "Spurs from space".

It is unclear whether he is serious or a joke. However, Robert Kirkman had previously made similar jokes. He once said that if he ran out of ideas, he would launch an alien invasion into the comic. The space spores also fit in with this.

It was never interesting or important for Robert Kirkman to explain what triggered the virus. For him, The Walking Dead is a story that deals with survival after the zombie apocalypse.

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