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A film for the series The Walking Dead is currently in the works. This revolves around Rick Grimes, who has already left the series. Director Greg Nicotero has now commented on the status of the project.

A film has been closed for some time the Walking Dead Work in progress to tell what happened to Rick Grimes after actor Andrew Lincoln stepped down in season 9 of the series.

It is going on

When we will see the film for The Walking Dead is not yet known. But director Greg Nicotero is confident that filming can begin soon after the Corona crisis.

"As far as I've heard from Mr. Gimple (Scott Gimple, series showrunner), work on the script is in full swing. I've looked at a few early drafts, but haven't seen anything new lately. As far as I know , tinker with it, this situation right now where people work from home … you know, writer … they can use that time properly and they have a good time with it. I feel like people pressing the play button again there will be a lot of stuff ready because everyone will get scripts and then there will be enough time to do everything before filming. I think there will be a lot of busy people … hopefully in a few weeks?"

So the work on the film for The Walking Dead is progressing.

Source: Dark horizons

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