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When does the Walking Dead Season 10 finale begin? Fans still have to wait for an answer to the question. However, in a recent interview, producer Greg Nicotero gives smaller snippets of information about when the new and final episode of Season 10 could finally be broadcast. The US broadcaster AMC announced at the end of March that the date for the last episode had to be postponed due to the corona crisis. The new episode is due to be released as part of a special "later this year".

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new episode and thus that Finale of the Walking Dead Season 10. The broadcast of the season had to end abruptly on April 6: Due to the corona crisis, the producers could not complete the work on the final episode of the current season. An appointment for the big season finale for The Walking Dead has not yet been fixed. However, producer Greg Nicotero gives an interview with the website smaller information snacks for the upcoming broadcast.

In conversation, the producer said that the production of The Walking Dead Episode 16, Season 10 was almost done. However, there are many small things to do in the postproduction that many might not even have on the screen. So you have to mix both sound effects and music and adjust the color of the individual scenes. There would also be quality controls so that a Starbucks mug does not suddenly appear in the scenes – a swipe at the Coffee breakdown in Game of Thrones. All of these things are usually processed within two or three weeks. The episode is delivered to the network.

"We were about to end the episode when everyone had to stop working," said Nicotero. You can't do this work from home. "I went through all the visual effects that were submitted when we were still filming. There is a lot of VFX in the finale – and it looks great. We have to wait until we can mix all the ingredients together. I don't know when that will happen "says Nicotero and adds that it will be ready as soon as people are allowed to work again. After that, it would only take one and a half to two weeks for the fine tuning to be completed. AMC had previously announced that it would post Episode 16 of The Walking Dead as a special "later this year." Due to the Corona crisis became the current episode of season 10 only broadcast in English.

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