In a press conference on the COVID-19 spread, a doctor praised the millennials for their ability to find abbreviations in video games and argued that they should also protect themselves from the virus. Uh, thanks?

If you still want to know briefly whether you should feel addressed: The Millennials or Generation Y are people who were born in the 80s and 90s. The definitions differ. For Dr. Deborah Brix we are the generation that should also be particularly careful about the virus. Not because of the high mortality rate in this age group, but because of the millennials "Being part of the group that brought us innovation, especially through their ability to think outside the box and find short cuts in video games."

My pleasure!

Brix continued in the press conference to:

"I've only ever gone from level to level. I didn't know you could go from level 3 to level 7 – that's what they taught us. They're looking for the things we don't see, so we need them to be healthy. ”

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The best games with which we can now pass the time at home

Dr. Brix did have one there "How do you do, fellow kids?"-Moment and the video game metaphor was a bit unclear (maybe she meant a Super Mario game?), But besides the quirky compliment, we should take one thing with us: We should stay at home if possible.