Christmas time in World of Warcraft means winter breath again this year. During Blizzard World event in the normal WoW changed over the years fans enjoy in WoW Classic (buy now for € 39.99) still the original variant of the festivities. In our guide, we summarize exactly what awaits you in the classic winter breath version.

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General information about the Winter Puff Festival in WoW Classic

Before we devote ourselves to the actual activities that await you at the Winter Puff Festival in WoW Classic, we have a few general information about the event for you:

  • The Winter Puff Festival in WoW Classic will take place on January 2nd.
  • You can buy snowballs from the seasonal retailers of the Kokelwalds. You can also find the frozen water in piles of holiday snow in snow-covered areas of Azeroth (for example in the mountains of Alterac). Engineers can also make the Schneemeister 900. In addition, you will find snowball in frozen snowdrifts in Alterac Valley, with which you can throw other players back.

You have the option of transforming yourself into an assistant to Altvater Winter using the so-called PX-238 Winter Wonder Shaper. The associated buff lasts 30 minutes and is renewed each time you enter one of the associated machines. You can find the miracle formers at the following locations:

  • at the docks of Beutebuch in the Stranglethorn Valley
  • at the gates of iron forge
  • next to the flight master of Orgrimmar
  • next to the Stormwind flight master
  • in the Zeppelin Tower of the Marshes of Tirisfal
  • east of Gadgetzan in Tanaris
  • at the docks in the port of Menethil

Everywhere in the inns of the big cities you will find celebrations for the Winter Puff Festival. If you throw them a kiss (/ kiss), you will randomly receive one of the following items:

The dealers of the Winter Puff Festival in WoW Classic

As with most events in World of Warcraft, there are also various dealers at the Winter Puff Festival in WoW Classic. The following retailers sell you food and drink:

These dealers sell you:

You can also get general holiday items from five other retailers:

These dealers offer the following goods:

Winter puff festival in WoW Classic: gifts from Altvater Winter

As usual, in WoW Classic on December 25th you can open Altvater Winter's gifts under the Christmas tree in Orgrimmar or Eisenschmiede. You will receive the following items from the colorful packages:

As usual, in WoW Classic on December 25th you can open Altvater Winter's gifts under the Christmas tree in Orgrimmar or Eisenschmiede.

As usual, in WoW Classic on December 25th you can open Altvater Winter's gifts under the Christmas tree in Orgrimmar or Eisenschmiede.

Source: Buffed

The WoW Classic winter puff hats

As in the normal WoW, you can also get different winter hats from the bosses of various dungeons in WoW Classic:

Red winter hat

  • Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in the blackrock depths
  • War master Voone in the lower Blackrockspitze
  • Gun master Willey in Stratholme

Green winter hat

  • Prince Tortheldrin in Dark Break West
  • Dark Master Gandling in Scholomance
  • Goraluk Hammerbruch in the Upper Blackrockspitze

The Classic Winter Puff Festival quests

The Winter Puff Festival offers all sorts of quests, which in turn reward you with various items. The task <a href = "" title = " Grandpa Winter is here! "target =" _ blank "> Grandpa Winter is here! get started and start at any NPC of the Smokywoods in your faction's capitals. Just talk to Grandfather Winter in Orgrimmar or Ironforge to complete the quest.

Next you will receive the follow-up quest Goodies for grandfather winter, For this you need grandfather winter five gingerbread and bring a glass of ice cold milk. You can make the gingerbread using a cooking recipe that you can buy from the holiday dealers Little egg and Holiday Spices self made. You will receive one as a reward for the quest Smoky forests gift packaging with the following items:

You'll also get one later Smokywood trial set with a Graccus homemade fruit pate,

In addition, you can complete the quest <a href = "" title = " The occasion for the holidays"target =" _ blank "> The occasion for the holidays at Furmund (Horde) or Goli Krumn Accept (alliance). You can find the respective quest giver near the bank of your respective faction capital. Run to Sagorne Creststrider (Horde) respectively Historian Karnik (Alliance) to complete the quest and receive the follow-up quest: The winter puff festival, Read the book The winter puff festival and then takes it to Cairne Bloodhoof in Donnerfels or King Magni Bronzebeard in Eisenschmiede to collect 200 reputation points in the respective capital as a reward.

The quest Stolen winter breath treats requires a character at level 30. You can get them from Kaymard Copperpinch (Horde) or Wulmort Jinglepocket (Alliance). To complete the quest, you have to go to the Weird Snowman look in a cave in the Alterac Mountains (at 34/70) and ask him about the missing treats. If you spoke to the snowman, you will receive the follow-up quest Something mean …for whom you have the Monstrous curmudgeon defeat and die Stolen goodies have to get back. The progress for this NPC applies to your entire group. The curmudgeon spawns anywhere in the Alterac Mountains where yetisis are and announces its arrival with a scream.

Do you have a character who reaches at least level 30 and the daily quest <a href = "" title = "Something mean … "target =" _ blank ">Something mean … completed, you can complete the quest at Kaymard Copperpinch (Horde) or Wulmort Jinglepocket (Alliance) A thank you from Kokelwälder! accept. This quest will reward you with one Smokywood special gift, which happens to include one of the following recipes:

Finally, you can still do the quest Butcher the reindeer as soon as you reach level 40. You get the quest from Kaymard Copperpinch or Wulmort Jinglepocket, which gives you one Pouch with reindeer dust hand over and instruct you Butcher the reindeer to rescue. You can find Metzen near a dark iron dwarf camp in the Searing Gorge at 66/35, or among the South Pacific pirates off the coast of Tanaris at 71/48. As a reward for Metz's rescue, you get five Preserved pine branch and 200 call points at the steam pressure cartel as well as a Smokywoods extra special gift including 20 Graccus homemade fruit pate,

If you have a cooking skill of 300 and Metz freed, you can also complete the quest <a href = "" title = " The hero of the day"target =" _ blank "> The hero of the day at Kaymard Copperpinch or Wulmort Jinglepocket. You must have reached level 40 for this quest. Give five gold and once Deep rock salt off to another five Preserved pine branch to obtain.

We wish you lots of fun and success at the Winter Puff Festival in WoW Classic!

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