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Thanks to the recently launched Netflix series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt player numbers are currently increasing. According to current statistics, up to 48,000 users recently logged into the role-playing game on Steam – more than ever since 2016.

The series The Witcher, which was recently launched by streaming provider Netflix, has not only caused a general sensation, but also has an impact on the number of players in the RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – especially in the PC version. As can be seen from current reports, up to 48,000 players were simultaneously active via Steam shortly after the series was launched. The role-playing game has not had such a high peak since 2016.

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Also with the console versions of The Witcher 3 (buy now for € 49.99) there is a similar increase in popularity, although no specific figures are known to date. Over the course of December, around one million fans have played the RPG from CD Projekt RED. This is also significantly more than it has ever been in the past 24 months. The enormous increase in the number of players is certainly partly due to the fact that you can currently buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at one or the other sale at a particularly low price – including the current winter sale of Steam. But the effects of the Witcher series mentioned at the beginning should not be dismissed out of hand.

The reactions and ratings so far for the Netflix series The Witcher are currently very different and range from great euphoria to one or two cracks. However, the streaming provider recently ordered a second season, so that the foreseeable future appears to be secure.

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